Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wear More Skirts

I'm not really the artsy type, as in I suck at all things painting and drawing, but I most definitely love the beauty of a piece of art. I tend to lean more toward the fun side, James C. Christensen being my very favorite artist (who has several wonderfully fantastic books with the most beautiful illustrations I have ever seen.). Yes, I know that paintings aren't writing in technicality, but I think they show a different side (of course) to the writing spectrum. They show what a person sees in their head with a picture instead of with words.

This particular piece happens to have been given to me by one of my older sisters who I will call Flower (as she is always wearing cute little flowers in her hair).

It is a piece by Kelly Rae Roberts, who I had heard of before and seen her art, but didn't really pay a lot of attention to until Flower gave me this little magnet. I do love the words running across the girls top saying "Tell Your Story". I think it's a lovely way of saying that every person has a story, no matter what they may think and that they should share it. They should express themselves and be themselves and they are important too! Everyone should tell tell their story, whether its through talking, writing, music, dance, painting etc... (such a fabulous 3 letters "etc")

I love the colors of this piece, the limey greens and browns (lime is a most fabulous color). I most especially love her wings. I think it makes her seem almost angelic.

On the lower portion of her skirt (left phrase) it says, "Wear More Skirts", and it also happens to be the title of this post. Funny enough, those three words make me feel like I'm not alone on the skirt wearing venue and therefore not as outrageously different as I may think. Overall, this tiny little magnet I love and keep it just below my computer screen to remind me of such things.


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  1. I am so glad you love this magnet. It did so remind me of you. Love, Flower.


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