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The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

Title: The Body Finder

Author: Kimberly Derting

Published: March 16th 2010

Pages: 327

Genre: Young Adult, SciFi/Fantasy, Fiction, Romance

Overall Rating: (4.5 Stars)

Summary: "A serial killer on the loose. A girl with a morbid ability. And the boy who would never let anything happen to her.

Violet Ambrose can find the dead. Or at least, those who have been murdered. She can sense the echoes they leave behind... and the imprints they leave on their killers. As if that weren't enough to deal with during junior year, she also has a sudden, inexplicable, and consuming crush on her best friend since childhood, Jay Heaton.

Now a serial killer has begun terrorizing Violet's small town... and she realizes she might be the only person who can stop him." (From

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting is a haunting tale that will send chills down your spine and put goosebumps on your arms, making you second guess everything you thought you knew about the sound of death. The Body Finder starts off with Violet on her way back to school after a summer hiatus. She is mostly excited to be going back, or as excited as a teenager can be, but she is more nervous than she has ever been because of her best friend Jay Heaton. Jay, the boy who has been her friend ever since she can remember, the boy who has been there for every fall and every scrape, has now, to her, become something more than a friend. And, to top it off, teenage girls are being murdered left and right by a serial killer in the town that Violet lives in. Violet has a sixth sense of those who have been murdered, she can feel their death, or the echos they leave behind. Violet must either use her ability and find the killer or end up one of his victims, instead.

The Body Finder, a different twist of what we've come to expect from paranormal fiction plots, leads us through the mind of a teenage girl who can't work out her life while alternating with the thoughts of a serial killer. The most genius aspect of this novel is what Ms. Derting has created by adding the thoughts of the murderer, creating parallel events that have us asking ourselves if we know who the killer is. Time and time again, we think we have solved the puzzle, only to turn another corner and realize we were no where close. Ms. Derting succeeds in keeping us guessing until the very end, flipping on all the lights and locking the doors, making sure we aren't the killer's next victim.

…That was when he saw the car. Its hazards flashing through the damp blackness of the night

He slowed down as he drove past, peering into the interior of the stranded vehicle.

She was alone. Young and pretty, and alone.

This was better than he could have hoped for.

The Body Finder is dark and light meshed together, letting us feel all the masochistic thoughts of a murder and the fall of his victims, while simultaneously showing us the hope of new love and old friendships. The heart flies to daring heights and beats madly for every dark night, eerie forest and expansive cemetery. And, as the reader, you can't help but love every moment Violet and Jay spend together as Ms. Derting develops their relationship from a love of friends to something infinitely more. The expressive words springing off the pages help to endear Jay Heaton to us, making us wish we were Violet and on the receiving end of his thoughtful nature and kind heart. Kimberly Derting's debut novel, The Body Finder, is brilliant, with serial killers, dances, echos, an 8 year old murder discoverer, and a scrumptious love story that will make all who read it, melt. Desires of the Dead, the sequel is sure to be a genius mix of love and death.

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  2. Such a great review. I also loved this book. Can you get better then a murder mystery with someone with a sixth sense? Well you can if it is written like this! Such a great book!

    Thanks for telling me about this one!

    Black Disaster Fairy


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