Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

Last night while I was sitting in the closet I decided that I am a complete and utter wimp. My epiphany occurred when I was sure my closet was infested with zombies. Yes, zombies. I’m sure you are probably saying to yourself pfff. Jen, zombies aren’t real.

They may not exist here, but they most definitely existed in the book I happened to be reading, a YA novel called The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (catchy title huh?). Well, the sunken faced, broken boned, moaning zombies made their way into my closet, jaws clacking and all (I have a very vivid imagination). I was so scared, that I had to stop reading and go to bed, cuddling up with Husband in an attempt to keep myself from turning back on the light.

I’m sure the book wasn’t really that scary, but for a wimp such as me, it was. Although, I am happy to say it hasn’t deterred me enough to not read the sequel. The main premise of the book is about a small village based in the confines of a fenced in area. All around the fenced in area is the Forest of Hands and Teeth, so named for the zombies that infect it, or as the people call them, the Unconsecrated. It’s a pretty spiritual society, apparently, ran by the Sisterhood (it’s nice it doesn’t always have to be a man :D).

Mary our main character lives within this little village and the people say that there are no other living people left. That the unconsecrated have taken them all, whether turning them into zombies or eating them…yummy! Of course, as we all know, this is never good enough for our main character. She must go traipsing along causing havoc for herself and other due to her curiosity. Would we expect anything else? No! *they chant*

Still… the book gave me what I wanted, somewhat anyway. There was conflict, love, girl fights, fires, love, dogs, oceanic talk, love (did I say love?).

The unique story line woven throughout of a suffering community and zombies hiding out piqued my interest and kept me reading. Due to my goal of avoiding all things horror, I never much venture into zombies and all things related. So in my world of paranormal, it was an excellent flip of scenery. I did love the characters of the book, but mostly the sub-characters. To me, Mary, was annoyingly selfish and whiny. I don't want to give away too much, but she had the most annoying obsession for a particular large mass of water. I couldn't quite figure it out. I wish Ryan would have delved into the underlying meaning of that fixation.

Overall though, it was a pretty good read and I plan on digging into the sequel The Dead Tossed Waves as soon as my copy is available at the library. I wonder what will be in store for the zombies/unconsecrated who terrorize the futuristic dystopian world.

3.5 out of 5 Stars

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I want to get this one read for a group read. I have it on my shelf waiting for me.

    My boys asked me not too long ago if Zombies were real. I told them, "Of course, they are real. They live in Zombieland. Every once in awhile one will get loose so don't forget to check under your bed."

    I thought it was funny and didn't think they would believe me. Well, now they are scared sometimes to go to bed. Oops. Good thing I've been reading to them before they fall asleep.


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