Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can We Say Vamp Addict?!

So, lately I've been on a huge vamp spree. I mean HUGE! I cannot seem to get enough vampire! So, yes, that is probably not that big of a deal, but when you stay up til 4 in the morning and then debate even going to bed at all because you've decided at 11:00 p.m. that
you had to start the sequel to the book you just finished thirty seconds ago, it kind of becomes a problem. I mean, come on, I have 2 kids who definitely do NOT sleep in. Plus, I have a slue of clients I have to visit today and still.... all I can think about are vamps!

Now, all that being said, it doesn't really matter what vamps. I've been reading from just about everything, salivating from page to page, never stopping. Not even for food and drink because that just deters me from my goal of more vamps. Okay, so now I possibly sound like I might have some issues that I need to work through, and trust me when I say that could be a huge possibility, but also trust me when I say that I am having the time of my life with these vamps.

I mean, yeah, depending on the book, I either want to kill them or kiss them, but either way, they are such avidly wonderful characters that shine a light on my otherwise graying life. Wait, maybe that is a bit dramatic. I am only 27, so maybe I should say, they brighten up my life, which could be a bit ironic as they are creatures of the night.

I do feel a tad bit bad for some of my family because they are definitely getting the entire list of vampire lore from me with every book I delve into. I mean, the only books they have ever delved into are Stephenie Meyer's, which I also adore (don't judge me!), but as anyone in the vamp world knows, those really aren't streamline vamps.

As you noticed a couple posts ago, I read the whole Morganville Vampire series in a week, which by the way, the 9th book comes out October 26th. It is titled Ghost Town (by Rachel Caine) and as I've already read the first 2 chapters online, I couldn't be more excited.

Then, yesterday and this morning (this is where the 4 a.m. comes into play) I cruised through the Chicagoland Vampire series with a flourish. I mean, I freaking gobbled up the words on every page like they were the last books I would ever read. Thank heaven they're not, or I might have some thoughts of harey carey.

Where does all this rambling bring me to? Well, really, just more vamps. When I get on a kick, I really get on a kick. So, I know I'm way behind on the vampire train, but here are my latest vampire reads:

Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampires No.1)
The Dead Girls Dance (No. 2)
Midnight Alley (No. 3)
Feast of Fools (No. 4)
Lord of Misrule (No. 5)
Carpe Corpus (No. 6)
Fade Out (No. 7)
Kiss of Death (No. 8)

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires No.1)
Friday Night Bites (No. 2)
Moon Called (Mercy Thompson No. 1) (technically this was werewolf, but vamps were definitely involved)

This is just what I've read in the past week and a half. *grins* I actually read another YA vampire series that wasn't so grand (see HERE). However, I have some Frost novels on hold and then I'm supposed to pick up Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill today to read as well. Yeah!! I think when I finish up that series, I'll post some reviews. It's always fun to review the whole series to date. Especially when they leave you off with killer cliff hangers.

So, in conclusion, YEAH for books! And YEAH for Vamps!
Jen the Bibliophile


  1. Wow, that was a lot of ramble about vamps. I'm glad you have had such a great time with your recent book choices!

    I'll be starting Glass Houses soon :)

    Twisted, but sitting in the sunshine right now!

  2. Yeah, I know, but if you can't ramble on a blog, where can you ramble? :D hehe!

    I need to buy the rest of the Morganville Vampire series. I want to reread the series, I really loved them.


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