Monday, August 23, 2010

My Weekend Activity

So, this weekend I went and so a movie *gasp* yes, it's shocking for those who know me. I actually went to see The Switch with Jennifer Aniston. I loved it. I mean, it was a romantic comedy and all, but I really do love those. It won't win any awards or anything, but still, it really hit the spot. Plus, I think I cried because of course there was a child involved and I seem to cry at the first sign of father & child bonding moments. Here is the trailer for anyone who hasn't heard of it.



  1. Thanks for the trailer! I'd definitely watch it :)

  2. oh i know that movie it sound hilarious I cant wait for it to premiere here

  3. It was a toss up between that and Expendables and I actually wanted to see all those guys blow stuff up! Hubs wanted Switch. I've loved Stallone since Rocky ;)

    We've got our choices up for the book club and most of the gals wanna go with The Godmother by Carrie Adams. There are some details HERE I haven't posted the choice itself yet. I know it's light but figured it's a good ground breaker.

  4. I never even heard of it until now.

    Black Disaster Fairy

  5. I want to see this! I agree with you about Mockingjay, I loved the ending and yes, it reads fast!! I will read it again soon as well. :) Have a great day

    Danielle @

  6. I have an award for you over at:


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