Thursday, August 19, 2010

Possibly... I have a problem...?!

Okay, so this is going to be a ranting post. I have been seriously thinking about my reading habits lately and I think I possibly, maybe, very well could have a total reading - all out - addiction. Well, yes, I've told you all that before, but I've kind of gone into the extreme recently.

I think it really all started with the PNR & UF. It was like I suddenly woke up from some crazy dream and entered into the world of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Uuuuuhhh, wait that sounds crazy. I think I've possibly switched my real life with my fantasy one. That definitely sounds not so good.

I've read like a book every day for I don't know how many days and now that I'm thinking about it, I feel a headache coming on. I keep having to switch series when the one ends (duh!!) and I do it within a day or so. I can't even seem to get my mind off of books. I've begun to dream about my books... (this may be a bit much for you all to know, but I have to release my pent up worries)... yes, those dreams happen to be pretty damn good, but whatev. Goodness me, whatever shall I do about this?

Must something be done?

I mean, is it really so horrible to dream of tall Russians named Dimitri? Or gorgeously tough werewolves named Adam who look excellent with no clothes on? Or maybe, a sexy weretiger (that's right, I said weretiger) named Quinn who could turn you to honey with his shmexiness? Or the lavishly muscled Lord Maccon and his well endowed werewolfness? I mean what is so horrible about all that?

I tell you what.... NOTHING! Well, except it is slightly taking over my life. Why must they be so wonderful?! Who knows... not really their fault. They just want to be read and loved like all of us do. Poor little vamps and wolves (and tigers). Ho hum, I suppose I've answered my own question about what to do. Just continue on the crazy book path.

Don't worry, I've got company *laughs maliciously*!

Jen the Bibliophile


  1. Oh, man :) I used to dream about Quinn too - he sounded so sexy and all - and was disappointed when Sookie dumped him. Who in the world would play him if they put him on True Blood?

    Welcome to the club Jen! LOL

  2. Yeah, I couldn't quite figure out why Sookie dumps him. I mean, yeah she explains it, and I guess I get it, but still. Doesn't really make sense. Especially if you think about Quinns explanation at the beginning of the book after he gets dumped. I wonder who would play him. Where can a girl find a 6'5" shaved headed hottie? I'm going to try to find someone to play him to see who would fit best (not that the producer's of True Blood will pay an ounce of attention). :D


  3. Oh there are many who say Vin Diesel would make an awesomesauce (a word my 12 yr old dd made up) Quinn. Must come clean here, Quinn got on my nerves a bit after awhile, I'm a tried and true team Eric girl so maybe that's why.

    Oh Jen, fear not, it's not an addiction, it's a passion, that sounds so much better, and yes I share it too, I mean who can resist Vishous from the BDB and those diamond eyes? Or Bones, luv. Heehee

    Tomes Devotee

  4. Paula - I saw that quite a few people put Vinn up for Quinn, but idk. I have a little different image in my head. Although, I think the voice would be spot on.

    I do love Eric. He is actually my fav of all of the males. I never really had any affection for Bill and didn't start to have a love of the books until Club Dead of which he isn't really a part of until the end. I love Eric Northman. I mean grrrr... Quinn is just a sexy sidestop on the way to Eric anyway.

    I am definitely into Bones love. Man he has some mad skills!

    See, I could keep going. This passion is crazy intense *wink*


  5. Yeah, I'm totally Team Eric, too ... so it didn't really bug me when Sookie dumped Quinn ... in fact, I was happy, because I've always found him a little sleazy for some reason LOL ... I'm not really sure why ... ever since the first time Sookie meets him at that werewolf shindig ... *shudder* ... and I H.A.T.E. Bill :o So, yeah, as long as she doesn't dump the smexi Viking, I'm happy! Also, yes, there's nothing wrong with dreaming about these characters ... and who can blame you :P ... bring on the Eric dreams, I'm all for that!!! :D

    I also feel as though reading is taking over my life, hehe ... actually, right now, blog admin crap is taking over my life, and that's nowhere near as fun as the former *sigh* ... I swear I've been sitting in front of this PC working on my blog for 2 weeks straight, and - hey - I don't have a single review to show for it. :o Anyways, think we all need a rant sometime! ;D

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Bella - I have been team Eric for quite sometime, but I did like Quinn. I really didn't know how the author was going to pull that one until she actually did it though. I always knew she was going to kick Quinn out, I could just always feel Eric hovering around the edges just waiting to jump Sookies bones. Took freaking long enough.

    However, much to the dissenting opinions of others, I did think Quin sounded super sexy. I think it was the rough personality. But, it really pissed me off how much that man kept to himself you know! I mean, what is the big friggin deal about the truth. I think that annoyed me the most. That and the fact that he never freaking called Sookie. Stupid boys and their inability to make correct decisions!

    Eric is brutally honest, but still damn sexy. I've recently had many a dream about him and believe it or not, last night I had dreams about Claude. Although he was strait. HA!! Fairy dreams! Man, my life is going off the deep end. Okay, I've gone on forever. I'm going to have to review this series to get the rest out.

  7. Quinn had that whole weretiger thing going for him even though he was bald. This big, virile man who could kick the crap out of everyone in the room. Whoo boy. It really was too bad that he had all those family issues. I like Eric too but the vamps are so manipulative. Also, Bill is bad! No Bill. And I never got into Bones either. He's okay but I'm not hooked on that series. I have tried though!

    You really should check out that Larissa Ione series and then you should review them :) You don't have anything else to do, right? LOL


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