Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do You Have the Time Mr. Fox?

So, I've been thinking and thinking of what I'd like to post this week and as you've noticed I haven't come up with anything. I think my brain has possibly gone off the deep end or something. I don't know, but still I wasn't truly in the mood to do a book review post so I thought I'd do a rant.

So here it goes....

This week I've been seriously thinking about authors. I've been mulling it over in my brain about the authors who I love the most and why I love them. I guess I was also pondering the many facets of authorism (I don't think that's a word) and what it entails. You are probably think, Whoa, Jen, are you nuts?!---The answer would be...always. But still....authors.

There are so many out there of so many different types of caliber and I guess that one of my all time favorite things about them, besides the fact that they write books, is when they take the time to talk to me as a reader. Yes, I know they are busy. Yes, I know the most important thing about them as that they produce books, but there is nothing better than receiving a reply to an email from an author you love. Or possibly commenting on their blogs and getting a reply comment. You suddenly feel special, like hey, I'm not the only one paying attention to me.

Okay, so I'm just rambling now, but really. Isn't it wonderful to hear from an author whose work you adore. Just that little 2 minutes of time they take to comment on your blog or reply to a comment or shoot you an email?

Again, I KNOW they are busy and most of the time they can't answer back to everything their readers send to them. However, when they do it is totally awesome! I guess I look at it that way because there are authors out there who don't keep any contact with their readers. They've become too busy and too caught up in other things. And although their books are still the most important part, what would their books be without readers?

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of authors I read who don't keep any contact with their readers, but I will tell you one thing. Those authors who attempt to mollify their readers to some extent, those are the ones I remember. They are the ones whose book I buy when it's released instead of waiting til later. Theirs is the one that i am always checking to see when their next book is going to be released so I can purchase it as well. So, I suppose in conclusion, that little bit of contact between author and reader is a free simple way of advertising their book to me.

All this might sound so stupid, but for a bibliophile of epic proportions *yes, I just said that*, it's important. I love books and everything they encompass....including authors. I remember the very first time Maggie Stiefvater replied to one of my comments, I thought I was on top of the literary hill. I had to tell all my sisters *all 5* and my mother. And talking to authors like Zoƫ Marriott who make me feel like all my efforts are not worthless and that I always have something to offer is something totally amazing to me. Or that Emma Michaels is a follower of my blog...awesome!

So, finally I guess I'm saying, authors, you know who you are, thanks for taking the time to stop and say hey and that you did get my comment. I don't care who you are, big or small, it means the world to me.



  1. When an author answers you it is fantastic! I had an author answer both myself and my hubs about our review of his book Precious Blood. It was such a thrill.

    Have you read The Godmother yet? I finished and loved it, not my usual but really good!

    Tomes Devotee

  2. What a great post! Yes, it is part rant but so much of it rings true. Just to get a reply of any sort shows that they love the readers of their amazing writing.

    Ok, that is over board but it is nice for them to spend the two minutes with us. It is just so touching.

    I also do the same... watch for their books because they treated me like a person of worth & literary worth as well.

    Again! Fab post! Keep them coming!

    Black Disaster Fairy

  3. I love when authors read my reviews and comment on makes me feel like they care what we think. Aimee Friedman of Sea Change posted my review on her facebook, and I was so so flattered! :)

  4. @Paula - I do love when they take the time to do things like that. Oh, and I have not read The Godmother yet, I'm still waiting for my copy from the Library. Hopefully this week.

    @BDFairy - I wonder if they realize that we do things like that. They ought to, it's pretty easy to see.

    @Melissa - That is so awesome! I read Sea Change and although not my favorite book, it would be so so EXCITING to have an author do that. It's almost like a star studded moment. That's how I would feel anyway.


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