Thursday, September 2, 2010

Writing Feature (A Short Story No.2)

Today's post is part of the Sexy.Writing.Feature. hosted over at Wicked.Sexy.Books. And as I have an affinity for writing and WSB is one of my other blogs (*grins*) I am wholeheartedly participating. So, read on and I hope you enjoy!!


"Are you the Dealer?" The man standing across the street looked to me with yellowed bloodshot eyes.

This wasn't my normal round, I was filling in for a girl who was killed last week, but still... Things like this guy weren't part of the crowd who usually surrounded us.

"Excuse me sir!" I replied. If this wasn't the right guy there was only one thing he could be - politzi. I would be sure before I gave up my cover. My brain was one of the reasons I was still alive, other wise I might have ended up like Daisy did last week...dead with several vital organs missing.

"Come on lady. I don't have time to mess around. I've got things to do." For all the shoddy way he looked, he still seemed pretty lucid. Still, I wasn't going to screw myself over with stupidity.

"Sir, kindly step off or you may not appreciate the outcome." I was serious. My brain wasn't the only thing that had kept me alive. I'd say judgment errors was the second. That is to say, other peoples' judgment errors concerning me. I may have looked slight at five foot 4 inches, but underneath my creative loose fitting outfit of black slacks and a leather long coat I was all muscle and maybe a little bit Extra. Well, that and I was packing my own arsenal of weapons.

But, the man wasn't giving up. He gave up his post across the street and sauntered his dingy self through the steam vents toward me. Across the street I could see his fidgeting hands and the way his head seamed to quirk to the side every couple of seconds. Something didn't seem right.

I backed up toward the yellow haze of the gas lamp behind me and stopped when it was to my back taking up a stance that said shove off if you know whats good for you.

"Vajzë what do you think you are playing at?" His voice low and thickly accented, pulled at the "z" in the word vajzë like he would take it down along with me. My guess was that he did not know what was good for him. "I do not know who you think I am and I am not quite sure who you are, but you had better be the Dealer or you may regret walking down this street tonight."

Did he truly think so. "Sir," I retorted "Do not presume to threaten me. I may not appear as much, but you may regret your tongue shortly."

He advanced closer than comfort permitted, pumping blood through my veins at an accelerated rate. I could feel the Extra blood pumping out from my center to my extremities, poring its heat and strength everywhere.

When he was but a foot away, I saw the mark on his neck, just below his left ear, a warped "X". It was then, I knew. This was who I was meant to meet. A full fledged smile grew on my face, nights like this were easy. No one around but him and myself. My work would be finished soon.

The man stopped short of me suddenly. "Aaaaah, you are the Dealer. Good Good, please, let me have it." His head twitched again.

"Oh but sir, am I?" I watched him, waiting to see if he was following the logic.

"Who else could you be? Besides, most people standing on a dark deserted road in the middle of the night would not smile like that while I am standing next to them." He said while flashing me his own smile.

"Yes, that is probably true Felix, but I am not just anyone." It was then I saw enlightenment on his face.

"How did you know my name. Who sent you?" His surety faltered.

"That, sir, is unimportant. What is important however is that you understand you will die tonight." His Adam's apple bobbed as he gulped down his fear, his face went pale white and he almost had a ghostly hue under the hazy light of the gas lamps.

"Shpresa." Was his only reply.

"Ah, I see you already know the answers to your questions anyway. Good, then I do not need to go through the trouble of telling you that you should not have attempted to extricate yourself from Shpresa especially by the use of her own Dealers. That was just extreme stupidity." It truly was.

"You cannot understand my dilemmas." Felix stated as if he thought that would grant him relief from death.

"And you sir would be surprised." At that, I flipped myself sideways and launched my leg in the air, sending my foot so the toe of my beautifully crafted death stiletto went crashing into his neck tearing at the flesh with the extremely sharp points sticking out. Felix, shocked, fell to the pavement and looked up at me with blood poring from his mouth.

"Please. Don't. Sofi." The words gurgled out of his mouth.

I pulled the blade strapped to my back under my coat from its sheath and held it to his neck. "Felix. Dear Felix. I see you figured out who I am. And, as you also have guessed by now, I have no choice in the matter," at that I proceeded to remove his head from its place atop his neck.


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  1. Awesome! I love this story. Writing flows pretty good. I'm glad you waited to post tell you had it all nice a beautiful!

    I'm looking forward to next weeks writing :)

    Black Disaster Fairy


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