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Halo (Halo No.1) by Alexandra Adornetto - A Book Review

Title: Halo (Halo No.1)

Author: Alexandra Adornetto

Pages: (Kindle Edition)

Published: August, 2010

Read: November 12, 2010

Rating: Photobucket

Summary: When three angels are sent from heaven to protect the town of Venus Cove against the gathering forces of darkness, their mission is threatened as the youngest angel, Bethany, enrolls in high school and falls in love with another student.(From my Kindle)

To start off I'd like to say that the only thing this book really had going for it was its extraordinary cover.

I cannot quite remember the last time I read a book quite this bad. The writing was beyond horrible in the sense that there wasn’t much character or plot development and what was there was sucky and annoying.

Halo was like a horrible reincarnation of Twilight, and that’s saying something because I love Twilight (don’t judge me!). But this book was like the worst example of teenagers suffering from co-dependency in a relationship that I have ever read. Plus, to have such horrific character development made me want to bang my head against the wall.

Or maybe that was more the fact that our main character Bethany was a freaking annoying half wit who apparently couldn’t function without someone there to help her. I mean, COME ON, what kind of angel can’t take care of themselves!!? I mean, the Big Man up above gives you unlimited knowledge and supernatural powers as well as some freaking sweet wings and you can’t even make it through a day without someone saving your ass? *bangs palm against forehead*

I think the best thing that I could say about this book (and yes, I read the whole damn thing) was that Bethany’s brother and sister, Gabriel and Ivy, were true to character and were pretty good characters overall. They gave the book a minuscule redeeming quality. Although, it wasn’t enough for me to recommend this book to anyone or read the sequel, but it was something I noticed.

But, the rest of the book was annoying and almost drove me into a strait jacket. I mean, the language the high school students kept talking in was totally ridiculous. I mean, Xavier, Bethany’s boyfriend, actually once said to her “We have to keep our wits about us now; we can’t afford to lose our heads.” I mean, what 17 year old talks like that?

And the whole co-dependent relationship was so freaking annoying. And to top it off, it seemed so forced on the part of the author - I didn't feel that there was any build up to it. Like one day it just happened and was unavoidable. I mean, I don’t care if there was some “connection,” there has to be some kind of build up for the readers. I will give you an example:

I kicked off my bedclothes, even though my skin felt as cold as ice. I was beginning to think I couldn’t enfisage an existence without Xavier. I didn’t want to.

*uhhhh, first off who says bedclothes? And, second of all, by this point in the story, they’ve been together for like a week and they have kissed like once. A bit much don’t you think.?!*

The plot content and story line had the potential to be amazing, but the writing turned it into boredom and annoying trivialities. Like Adornetto just vomited up words to fill up the pages. Most of the book was about how Bethany just wanted to be with Xavier every second of every day and when she wasn't she was thinking of him and only him. Screw the rest of her responsibilities she just wanted Xavier and to act like a teenager with teenager experiences even though SHE WAS AN ANGEL! Adornetto even gave Bethany some teen angst of her very own which just didn't fit. I mean if you have unlimited supernal knowledge of everything, does teen angst really fit into the picture? I didn't feel it, and from what I've read of other reviews, I'm not the only one. So, if you didn't get the picture already, here it is: I do not recommend anyone waste their time on this book.

Summary review: This book was bad. The characters were unrealistic and underdeveloped and the romance was co-dependent and felt forced. The storyline and plot could have been good, but the writing made them boring and annoying.

Rating: 1/5 Photobucket



  1. LMAO. awesome review. I never really had any plans to read this book, cause I HATE this cover. I think I might be the only one who hates it but I don't care! Now after reading this spectacular display of hatred, I am most definitely, never ever going to read this book. SO thanks!

  2. I tried to read this one too but didn't finish it. I quit when the "bad" boy showed up. Maybe Adornetto should give writing a try in ten years or so after she's grown up? What a shame that such a pretty cover was so wasted.

    I loved Twilight too btw. It was Breaking Dawn that I hated :)

  3. I have had the pleasure of hearing it is really not that good several times. However, not quite how you put it *smirk* Well done!

    Yes, a waste of a cover for sure.

    Now on to the next bright star on the book shelf!

    *pst* I signed you up for the Reading Bucket List Challenge :)

    Pleasant day to you,
    Mad Scientist

  4. Wow. I read the first chapter or two, but it didn't pull me in and I'd seen some less-than-positive reviews of it so I didn't keep going. Glad I made that decision! I think a lot of the things that irritated and frustrated you would have done the same for me as well.

  5. I haven't read this book yet, but I think I'm going to have to just to review it (because it sounds fun!) and also. Due to her falling in love with a human, or ANYONE, she should be a freaking fallen angel. Oh my god. This book sounds idiotic! Also, thanks for stopping by and following me - I think you're funny too :) Cleopatra would be awesome to dress up as!!


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