Friday, December 17, 2010

Ridley - The Lollipop Girl!

I don't know if any of you are followers of the Mad Scientists, but if so, you know that this week is Beautiful Creatures/Beautiful Darkness feature week. As I've been asked to participate *insert evil laugh here*, I'm doing another post about one of my favorite characters....


Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures, Book 1)
Beautiful Darkness (Beautiful Creatures, Book 2)
Beautiful Chaos (Beautiful Creatures, Book 3)

I have a definite love of all things Ridley. She is this evil girl who has this almost tiny streak of good running through her. But, that is why I love her so. She seems to be super conflicted with herself and the things she thinks she wants and who she is supposed to be. Like in book one with being so close to Lena and loving her, but still supposed to be trying to kill her and all that. What a battle to wage with oneself. It's even more prominent, this battle, in the end of BC because of what goes on with Link and Ethan's dad concerning a balcony...(you who've read it know what I'm talking about!!!CRAZY!)

But, in Beautiful Darkness, we really really see it. I think that Macon's quote from that book truely applies to Ridley when he says:

It's hard to be light when you've been dark.

But, that's Ridley. Her in all her lollipop sucking glory. Which, by
the way I love that feature of her. That her Siren powers are kind of linked to her a lollipops. Makes all my candy loving ways even better. Plus, even at 27 years, I'm not beyond pretending sometimes when I do get the chance to pick up a lollipop of my own. Yeah, I'm a nerd, but what fun would life be without those little nerdy moments?!!

But Ridley, she Is our fashion blazing, lollipop sucking goddess who has an evil core and a soft heart. I always love a character that is seriously conflicted. And, let it be known that I loved Ridley a bit more than Lena even. It's because we know she is inherently bad, and on occasion she does nice things. But we just expect the bad in her, so when she is good, it's surprising. As for Lena, she's just so all over the place that it seems more bi-polar than anything. Although, I'm not saying I have anything against Lena, just didn't like her as much in Beautiful Darkness as I did in Beautiful Creatures.

But Ridley, she was fun and exciting and deliciously surprising. Plus, I always love a character with excellent fashion sense, who loves to have
fun and in the end, she may still have some "kid" left in her! (My pick for Ridley would be Katy Perry - yah, I know she is a singer, but she just reminds me so much of what Ridley might look like! *grins*)


  1. Ok... I really need to read this books! PS: I love your holiday header :)

  2. Before I read the post, I was wondering why there are pictures of Kate Perry here. Then I got it.XD

    Unique character.

  3. The mad scientist sent me this way.
    It was your description of Ridley that really sold me on the books, how could I not love a book with a character like that?


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