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The Anti-Social Network: Episode 2 by Sadie Hayes: Book Review

Title: Episode 2: The Anti Social Network
Author: Sadie Hayes
Pages: 66
Published: October 22nd, 2011
Summary: The Dory twins grew up with nothing. Now on the verge of having everything, their fledgling company—built on Amelia’s intellect and Adam’s ambition—threatens to be torn apart by new, powerful enemies and old, malicious ones.

The Anti-Social Network is the second episode in The Start-Up series, a fast-paced and exciting serial story.

My Thoughts:

Truly fun, enjoyable and angsty, the Anti-Social Network jumps right on board with The Start-Up as a serial story that packs an electronic punch. Silicon Valley is the heart of money and greed and the Dorey Twins are doing whatever they can to survive, but some things from their past and present are trying their best to knock them off their feet and onto their backs with their feet left twitching.

Thankfully, Amelia and Adam are stronger than people give them credit for. With Amelia's new venture just at the beginning, we get to watch as she attempts to take herself to a place she thought she didn't want to be. Expanding and seeing where her business and programming will take her is only the beginning. And while programming has always been her passion, she wonders what it would be like to have something more than electronics and Adam to care about. On unfamiliar ground, Amelia pushes through the mess that has always been her life and tries to see if maybe, just maybe, she deserves something good.

Adam, her brother, is a different story. We want to like him, we really do, mostly because Amelia is such a loving and almost naive character, and we want to love her brother in kind, but Adam will never live up to his sister. He really tries to take care of her, but his underlying thoughts and actions including greed make him the perfect character for walking the tight rope between like and dislike. While some of his deeds push him into the bad and make us want to beat him and hurt him, others make us want to feel sorry for him and give him our shoulder to cry on. In this way, Adam is an amazing character. He is layered and different and a character that I never quite know what he will do next or where he stands. It's frustrating to watch him and fun all at once.

In this second installment, we get to meet a whole slew of new characters woven into the threads of the old, making the series even brighter than before. Full of dramatic events and funny moments, The Anti-Social Network will have you cruising through to the end to see what Ms. Hayes will do next. With an ending that will have you saying "No-Way!!" You can't help but love the Start-Up for everything it is and everything it isn't. I give The Anti Social Network (The Start Up Episode 2) a 4/5 and recommend it to anyone who likes YA, Adult, Crossover, Contemporary, Electronic Fiction.


  1. It seems the whole series gets better!

    1. I know that I loved book 2! I'm super excited for The Beautiful Code, which is sitting on my Kindle begging to be read! :D

  2. Poor Adam. He kind of sounds like a hot mess, but I guess sometimes that just what people need to go through in order to grow up.

    I love it when new characters are introduced and add a meaningful punch to a series. Thanks for the review Jen!

    1. He's a total mess! Usually I want to beat the tar out of him, but I think it's characters like him who add significantly to the whole story. I think because it makes me groan and appreciate the goodness! :D

  3. Oh that ending sounds so good. It took me a moment, but I remember your review of the first. I so need to get these read.

    1. Yah, first review back, LOL! I forgot to add the first book link, review I did. Oh, blogging, why art thou so lengthy??

  4. I want to say "no way"! Cliffhangers sometimes drive me crazy, but it's because they work so well and I'm not a patient person so waiting to get my next fix is torture after an ending like that. Awesome review as usual Jen!

    1. That's why this series is fabulous...the next book comes out every month! :D The 3rd is already out and I imagine the 4th will be out soon. I need to get the 3rd read, asap!


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