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Grave Witch (Alex Craft No.1) by Kalayna Price

Title: Grave Witch (Alex Craft)
Author: Kalayna Price
Pages: 325
Published: October 5th, 2010
Read: January 29th, 2011
Synopsis: Not even death can save her now.

As a grave witch, Alex Craft can speak to the dead-she's even on good terms with Death himself. As a consultant for the police, she's seen a lot of dark magic, but nothing has prepared her for her latest case. When she's raising a "shade" involved in a high profile murder, it attacks her, and then someone makes an attempt on her life. Someone really doesn't want her to know what the dead have to say, and she'll have to work with mysterious homicide detective Falin Andrews to figure out why...

This book was freaking amazing!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, this book was exactly what I was looking for, it was the book that definitely gave a fun twist to the boredom that had become my reading as of late.

Alex Craft is a grave witch, a witch who can raise shades (memories of the dead) and see the random ghost (that is if the ghost is on the right level of reality). Most of all and my favorite part about Alex, she can see Death. You know, the soul collector Death. He is like WOW....grrrrrrrr.....mmmmmm....Death. Who knew Death could be so lovely?! Okay, so he may not be the main character or even the main male interest in the book, but oh boy, he was an original character, plus, I think he will become more of a main character in the next book.

I've decided that I may have quite a demented mind if I've decided that Death is now intriguing and quite beguiling (in the charming sense of the word mind you). But, I've gotten ahead of myself.

Cause you see, Alex, she isn't the only grave witch. She isn't the only grave witch who can see Death. She is just the only grave witch who can see Death on the living realm. She doesn't have to use her crazy cool grave sight to see him like all the others do. She can see him on the living realm and he looks like some hot smokin' guy who is always dressing in jeans and a black t-shirt. She can also interact with him which is something that no other witch can do.

This also kind of tells what the book is about. Alex, our freaking awesome grave witch (how does one become a grave witch, I'd like to know?) raises shades for a living. Kind of like an investigator for the dead. She, basically, gives the dead a voice. In this first, brilliant, book in the series, Alex comes across things that shouldn't be possible, like memories that won't do anything but scream and bodies with evil impossible glyphs. She is the only one who can really see them and to top it off, someone is out to kill her. Isn't that just always the way? But let me tell you, this book, I just loved it. The writing was fabulous, witty when necessary and serious at the other times. I totally could relate with her (even though I am about as magical as a lamp) and her personality. She was smart and strong, but not insanely so. Her character is a lovely mix of imperfection, reality and fantasy and makes me want to go back and read it all over again.

As for the actual main male of the book, Falin was the officer she ends up sneaking/working with on the case and it's an interesting mix. Although, I don't really know how I feel about him. I'm really confused because for about half of the book he is kind of a jack a$$, so I'm not sure about when he suddenly...isn't. I think the author did it on purpose. I think she was trying to make a point about his actual identity and why he was so coarse. I also think that Kalayna Price wanted to draw the reader's attention to Death.

I've really said enough about him, but I really really did love him. I really think it's the fact that Death is you know....death, but in the book he isn't so bad. Don't get me wrong, it's not the hey, I don't want to be bad kind of thing. It's the hey, I'm Death and I kill people for a living and yah, I might get some jollies from it, but that's the way of Life, doesn't make me evil, kind of thing. I think I may have a bad boy complex. Anyone who isn't sure about The Bad Boy Complex, leave me a comment and I'll elaborate.

So, I'm leaving it at that. I loved this book. It was brilliant and lovely and just what I needed. I think that Kalayna Price has created an original piece of fiction with a unique world of witches and fey that nobody has ever quite seen. I am jumping up and down for the release of book two, Grave Dance. Anyone who'd like to jump up and down with me, hurry up and read book one because you won't be disappointed!

Rating: 5/5 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


The first time I encountered Death, I hurled my mother's medical chart at him. As far as impressions went, I blew it, but I was five at the time, so he eventually forgave me. Some days I wished he hadn't--particularly when we crossed paths on the job.

I shoved my hand in my purse and fished along the bottom. I ignored the billfold--I knew it was empty. Under the tube of chalk for casting my circle, a ceramic ritual knife, my cell phone, and my license, I discovered three pennies, a dime, a crumpled foil wrapper, and a paper clip.

Death glanced at the treasure spread over my palm. "Planning on buying a gumball?"



  1. Nice review!!! I haven't seen this book, but now I'm curious, so I'll have to go find it. Definitely sounds like a page-turner. :)

  2. Great review! I am not fond of witches and dead shadows but you might make me reconsider - thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great review! I've seen this adult book around...I do read adult books, just not so much. Anyway, I really want to read this one now!

  4. Hahaha Jen! You had me giggling so bad - Death getting the jollies. xD Hilarious! I am definitely thinking this would be an awesome book! I got excited just by reading your review! I'll definitely have to pick it up sometime. ♥

  5. LOL - you've convinced me of Death's *Yum Factor* ... and I totally have a Bad Boy Complex, too!! :D

    BTW - I cackled like one of the witches in Macbeth at the "magical as a lamp" comment, hehe ... I'm thinking this moving my blog drama is messing with my sanity ... :P

  6. @Bella - Death is delectable in so many ways. I really hope we get to see him sans his clothes one day...should be mouth watering delicious.

    I lost my sanity designing a couple blogs, let a lone transferring. That seems like it would be not so fun. Although, totally get why you are transferring. Plus, now you have a lovely .com address...I want one of those.


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