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Vicious Circle (Persephone Alcemdi No.1) by Linda Robertson

Title: Vicious Circle (Persephone Alcemdi No.1)
Author: Linda Robertson
Pages: 384
Published: June 30th, 2009

girl's got to do what a girl's got to do....

Being a witch doesn't pay the bills, but Persephone Alcmedi gets by between reading Tarot cards, writing her syndicated newspaper column, and kenneling werewolves in the basement when the moon is full — even if witches aren't supposed to mingle with wolves. She really reaches the end of her leash, though, when her grandmother gets kicked out of the nursing home and Seph finds herself in the doghouse about some things she's written. Then her werewolf friend Lorrie is murdered...and the high priestess of an important coven offers Seph big money to destroy the killer, a powerful vampire named Goliath Kline. Seph is a tough girl, but this time she bites off more than she can chew. She needs a little help from her friends — werewolf friends. One of those friends, Johnny, the motorcycle-riding lead singer for the techno-metal-Goth band Lycanthropia, has a crush on her. And while Seph has always been on edge around this 6'2" leather-clad hunk, she's starting to realize that although their attraction may be dangerous, nothing could be as lethal as the showdown that awaits them.

This book was pretty good. I mean, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but overall, I'd still say it was good. I think I originally picked up this book because of the cover (it fit with one of my challenges) and because the synopsis sounded fantastic. In my opinion, it didn't live up to the promises of the synopsis, but nonetheless enjoyable.

I keep going over and over my feelings for this book trying to figure out why I felt the way I did. I mean, the storyline was pretty good, so what it really comes down to, for me, was the writing and the main character. The writing wasn't my favorite. Not that it was really bad or anything, but it confused me some of the time. There were so many new terms that were not explained and you had to kind of figure it out along the way, it was frustrating. I think because the terms would pop up and you'd be like did they already tell me what this was? I kept scrolling back in the book to see if I'd missed something. I will say this about the writing though, it got better as I read and I didn't feel the need to put the book down at all which is always a good sign. By the end of the book, the writing felt better to me.

As for the main character, Persephone, she annoyed me. Not all the time mind you, but a lot of the time she just annoyed me. I don't think I could understand her a ton. She seemed so embarrassed of who she was to anyone who was human. It was like she had 2 personalities. Looking back now, I think the author did that on purpose, but throughout the book I kept palming my forehead and thinking really Persephone, are you really that big of a shallow idiot!! Granted, I think a lot of the time she really was *palms forehead* I am a girl, and I don't think I will ever understand my own race...

But, there were a lot of redeeming qualities in the book. For one, it had a twisted plot. I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next all the way up until the end. Also, I really liked Persephone's Nana and the male werewolf hottie, Johnny. Now, as all you readers know, I'm a victim of The Bad Boy Complex and Johnny really fits into that. I think, maybe a lot of that was the tattoos and piercings and his genius at innuendos (I've got a knack for those), but he kept me reading and I wanted to get in as much of him as possible. As for Nana, I always like an old woman who may appear weak but can bust out the moves when necessary. I believe, wholeheartedly, that Nana fit that picture. Yeah, she was pesky and sneaky at times, but it fit her character terribly well.

All that being said, I will definitely be reading the sequel for a couple reasons. First of all, I think that Robertson's writing is going to be so much better in the next book, I could just feel it (I'm a dork...). Plus, now that I know all the jacked up terms from the first book, I shouldn't be so confused. Secondly (or is that thirdly?), at the end of book one, Persephone has a kind of epiphany so I think I've grown to understand her a lot better. I'm hoping that she won't annoy me as much anymore. Last of all (which kind of nicks the "couple" statement), I want some more Johnny and I'm very curious to see what happens with the vampires I met towards the end of the book.

So, I guess what I'm saying, is that this may not be the best book I've read, but I'd say it was worth it and I'm hankering for the sequel soon which I think will be way better than the first. *crosses fingers* I'll keep ya posted!

Rating: 3.5/5 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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