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It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han

I've actually already posted this review as a mini review, but I wanted to add the "age appropriate" at the bottom for any readers who are curious and I lengthened the review adding in some other things I wanted to say.

: It's Not Summer Without You (Summer No.2)
Author: Jenny Han
Pages: 288
Published: April 27th, 2010 by Simon & Schuster
Synopsis (click link for summary)

I don't know who's read this series, but I love it. Jenny Han does an awesome job of bringing love and life into her contemporary fiction novels. Her writing is simple and prosaic and gets to the point without too much hoopla. This second book hits the spot with some tears and laughter. We get to see so much personality behind Belly and we get to see another side to Jeremiah.

I always love watching characters grow up and find themselves in their own way. I think it's one of the most interesting parts of character development. In the first book, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Belly turns from a child to a pretty teenager who is worthy of affection from boys she's known her whole life. In this book, we see Belly deal with the hardships of death and how you talk to those same people you've known to your whole life.

I can't help but love her mother in ways I cannot express. It's funny how no matter how old you get or how old you think you are, you always want your mother. It's refreshing in this aspect because even when I was Belly's age and I had massive (MASSIVE) issues with my mother, I would eventually reach a point when I just wanted to cry and get a hug. Even if the next day I didn't want her there (not that Belly is like that...because she isn't)

I loved the twisted events that occur and I can't wait for the third in the series to be released. This book was amazing and I recommend the series to anyone who enjoys YA contemporary fiction. I love Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah. I loved the message that was written so beautifully that it made me cry. And even though this book was a bit more serious than some, it still had an ending I liked and felt good about. This is a contemporary fiction MUST READ.

Beach reads really are the best!

Age Appropriate: So I actually received a lot of search results for age appropriateness (for this book specifically), so I thought I'd add it in. I'd say, overall, this book is pretty clean. There is alcohol drinking by underage teens and some swearing (fyi - learned my new favorite swearword in this book), but it is very minimal. There is kissing, but no sex. It also deals with intense issues concerning cancer and death.

Rating: 5/5 (with chocolate ice cream on top)


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