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Library Unveiled (2)

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This book, Angelfire, I just got in the mail from my dear Mad! She

went to the Dark Days Supernatural Tour in Chicago and picked this up for me and even got it signed!!! Look how beautiful it is!! *sigh* I was so excited I had to show everyone.

Also, and this I thought was funny and shows how people in my family are about as observant as my fax machine. I showed my mom the signature and she thought that Mad had signed it herself and left the note. I was like *face palm* uhhh.... Mom, read the name of the author on the cover.
: Oh, that is so awesome, I can't believe she did that for you! What a nice person she is
: Yes, Mom, she is...way to pay attention, by the way.

I showed it to my sister and she came up with the same reply.
: That's cool, Jen

Me:*bangs forehead against wall* Stace, that's the authors signature.
Sister: *does double take of the signature, then the cover, then the signature, then the cover* Oh my gosh! That's awesome! Seriously, so awesome! How did your friend get this!
: *rubs eyes to release pressure* She went to a book signing, my dearest sister.

Oh, the joys of family.

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones - This little baby has been in my messenger bag with me for the past week and I've yet to start it. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I haven't made it that far. With work being insane, it just keeps sitting in my book pocket. I need to get it out!!

I actually own this book as an e-book on my Kindle, Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky. I thought it was pretty good for a debut. Although, I was a bit sketchy on it for the first bit, but the last half makes up for it and it really bounced back! Now, being that it doesn't come out until May 23rd, I haven't posted my review, but it is scheduled to post May 20th, so everyone be on the lookout!

This was one of my FAVORITE series! The Weather Warden Series by Rachel Caine. This was book 5 in the series, Firestorm. This book I actually ended up with on accident. I was at the Mesa Public Library attempting to check it out, but for some reason it wouldn't pull up. It turns out that they had taken it off their shelf and were selling it for $1.00. So, I bought it. Worked out well for me because they didn't have another copy for checkout and I didn't have to spend $8 on the book. You can kind of see where I took off the sticker protector, but it was a $1, so :D yeah for the library! (series review HERE)

I love, LOVE Jennifer Echols. This, Endless Summer, was the first book I read by her and I just fell in love with it. I know everyone doesn't feel the same way I do on this, but I loved this book. I thought it was hysterical and, to top it off, it was a two-for-one deal which is my favorite kind of deal. *wink wink* (My review is HERE)

How about you? What's in your library??



  1. In my library there is:

    "Madame Tussaud" by Michelle Moran
    "House of Illusions" by Pauline Gedge
    "Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood
    "The Tenant of Widlfell Hall" by Anne Bronte
    "Magician" by Raymond Feist

    Have you read any of these?

  2. @anachronist - I've really been wondering about that Handmaid's Tale. What did you think of it??

  3. Those are some great titles. I haven't read any of The Weather Warden series..might have to add them to my TBR and YAY for getting such a great deal...LOL!

  4. Your family is too funny. I'm so happy that you were excited over the book. Happy April Fools to your family and Happy Spring to you. LOL!

    My dear that is a wonderful spread of books. Awaken was on my list for awhile. I think I put it off because others appeared in my mailbox.

    Mad Scientist

  5. Hmm... Angelfire... Hmm... Will with a big sword! That is one beautiful cover and such an amazing gift to get in the mail. ;)

    I hope you have fun re-reading that one!

    Black Disaster Fairy

  6. Your family is hilarious! Mine would do the same thing. I tried to show hubs a book that came the other day signed and he was like "neat". Neat? It's way cooler than "neat"! I have yet to read the Weather Warden series but I love Rachel Caine's Morganville vampires. I must give that series a try!

  7. @Kelsey - I loved the Weather Warden series. David is my all time favorite character. Plus, Jo just really kicks butt.

    @ Mad - You know they are, sometimes I need to go off to my happy place because their insaneness (which is worse than my own) drives me to the edge. Family...Gotta love 'em, or you may kill 'em.

    @BDF - LOL! We did have a convo about Will and his "big sword" did we not. *sigh* The book was beautiful!

    @Jenny - I loved the Weather Warden even more than the Morganville Vampire series. And, that's saying something because I LOVE that series. It was kind of hard when the Weather Warden ended. I was so sad to see the characters go. :(


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