Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dark Days of Supernatural Tour - Arizona Experience

Okay, I don't know how many remember my post about the Dark Days tour hitting Arizona and my attendance, but it actually happened. I was a book signing virgin, believe it or not, and so I was so giddy and excited I was kind of shaking. I also found that when this type of situation presents itself, I inevitably start to spurt verbal nonsense. I mean, I look back on the things I say and apparently none of my conversations were very well thought out words, they just seemed to spew from my mouth with no control. Needless to say, the authors didn't mind and totally rocked.

Here is me with Veronica Roth the author of Divergent. She was my favorite author there. As I told the Mad Scientist, she was my type of people. I could tell she was a little nervous, but she was so sweet and cracked me up. Plus, she totally got my Maggie Stiefvater fetish and so I loved her even more.
Here I am (not the best angle, I'm kind of missing my chin) with Josephine Angelini the author of Starcrossed. She was so sweet and adorable. She told me she was so nervous...she even showed me her hand shaking. It made it all that much better to think that a bunch of people (me included) between the ages of 13-30 could made anyone nervous.

Here is just a shot of the authors, although its not the best. Just to give you an idea. In the middle was Aprilynne Pyke and Ellen Schrieber. I haven't read either of their books so I have no pictures with them.

It was held at the local bookstore, Changing Hands, which if anyone is curious is where Stephenie Meyer always has all of her signings. (that was when she actually wrote books and worried about fan participation)

Overall, it was an excellent experience. I've now got 2 signed books by Veronica Roth and Josephine Angelini and I'm absolutely thrilled about it. It was only the 4 authors as Tara Hudson and Amy Plum pulled out after Texas (I don't know why), but the authors there were so awesome, I forgot the other 2 completely.


  1. I was a book signing virgin, believe it or not, and so I was so giddy and excited I was kind of shaking.

    LOL you cracked me up with that sentence! I am glad you enjoyed yourself! Way to go !

  2. @anachronist - It was a blast. Veronica Roth really was amazing. The whole scene was awesome. I wish authors would have more book signings in AZ. *sigh*


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