Friday, June 24, 2011

Movie News V

As everyone knows, the Hunger Games casting is progressing at a crazy fast speed and all our favorite (and maybe not so favorite) characters are being cast. I talked about the casting of Katniss, Gale and Peeta in my first Movie News. In my second volume of Movie News I went over casting for a lot of the tributes for the film. Now, I'm pretty happy with a lot of the selection and as you can see from my posting of Movie News Volume III Jennifer Lawrence is looking pretty good as Katniss. I just hope that she plays the part well.

Here is a full spread pic that I really like:

Okay, on with my newer posting:

Here are the latest character picks for casting:

Donald Sutherland as
President Snow

*I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE Donald Sutherland. I think he is a fabulous actor and although he is playing evil, he will be absolutely fabulous!*

Lenny Kravitz as

*this I think is one of the biggest appointments of the whole show. I mean, it's Cinna. The amazing stylist who turns Katniss into the girl on fire. Hope Lenny lives up to his role.*

Latarsha Rosa as

*Portia is Peeta Mellark's appointed stylist during the 74th and 75th Hunger Games - I think they picked her perfectly. She fits the image in my head*

Brooke Bundy as

*Octavia is one of the girls from Cinna's prep team*

Woody Harrelson as
Haymitch Abernathy

*I think they did perfect with this part, although I would have loved to have seen Robert Downy Jr. play the drunkard, but I still think Harrelson will do great.*

Stanley Tucci as
Caesar Flickerman

*Okay, I adore Stanley Tucci. Any movie he's been in, he is just brilliant. I feel he will do Ceasar quite fabulous. Anyone who doesn't quite remember Flickerman, he's the talkshow host who interviews/introduces all the contestants to the Capitol.*

Toby Jones as
Claudius Templesmith

*the bombastic announcer of the Hunger Games*

Wes Bentley as
Seneca Crane

*the 74th Annual Hunger Games Head Gamemaker*

Jack Quaid (left)
to play
male tribute District 1

Levin Ramblin (right)
to play
female tribute District 1

Alexander Ludwig (Left)
to play
male tribute District 2

Isabelle Fuhrman (Right)
to play
female tribute District 2

Jan Nelson (left)
to play
male tribute from District 3

Kalia Prescott
to play
female tribute from District 3

Ethan Jamieson (left)
to play
male tribute from District 4

Tara Macken (right)
to play
female tribute from District 4

Chris Mark (left)
to play
Tribute from District 5

Jackie Emerson (right)
to play
Foxface (from District 5)

Ashton Moio (left)
to play
male tribute (District 6)

Kara Peterson (right)
to play
female tribute (District 6)

Samuel Tan (left)
to play
male tribute (District 8)

Mackenzie Lintz (right)
to play
female tribute (District 8)

Imanol Vepez-Frias (left)
to play
male tribute (from District 9)

Annie Thurman (right)
to play
female tribute (from District 9)

Jeremy Marinas (left)
to play
male tribute (District 10)

Dakota Hood (right)
to play
female tribute (District 10)

Amandla Stenberg (left)
to play

Dayo Okeniyi (right)
to play

Both from District 11

Amber Chaney
Avox Girl

*Avoxes are Capitol slaves who've had their tongues cut out over some perceived act of rebellion. Chaney will play the Avox who attends to Katniss before she goes into the arena, and who Katniss realizes she has a connection to.*

It will be really interesting to see how everything turns out for this film. I'm excited to see the finished outcome.


  1. Awesomesauce!! :D Two thumbs up for President Snow ... and I love Cinna, too, although most people seem *CoNFuZzLeD* by that casting choice, LOL.

    Also, you're so right about Robert Downey Jr. as Haymitch, but I must admit - I only want him for his S.E.X.Y. :D

    Almost everyone looks fine (probably because I can't actually remember much about the tributes :P) but I'd prefer Isabelle Fuhrman as Foxface ... I always imagined her with pointy features ... foxes are pointy, right?! :o

  2. Wow, thanks so much for posting this Jen!!! I'm so excited for this movie I can hardly stand it. I think Donald Sutherland is going to rock it, he was a fabulous choice! I agree with you Robert Downey Jr. would have been an awesome Haymitch, but I think Woody will be good as well. And I can already tell that little girl who's playing Rue is going to make me cry like a baby:)

  3. @Bella - I absolutely adore Donald Sutherland...and, while everyone is baffled by Kravitz, I can totally see it. He is bold and I think he'll fit in purrrfect! Foxes are indeed pointy...pointy ears, pointy nose, but, IDK about Fuhrman, she doesn't seem foxy in the animal sense. Not saying' Emerson is perfect, but now I'm pondering...

    @Jenny - I was laughing so hard on one of the posts about Sutherland because everyone thinks he is so perfect they wonder why he isn't cast for more "faux offices". And, I just love Rue! At first people gave all sorts of heat for it, but I've always thought she looks perfect for the part!!

  4. I can not wait. Honestly. It can not come soon enough.


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