Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Blog Design

For all those who are curious about my blog design, I designed and created it. My main header, the photograph of the girl in the header was taken by me using my HP camera. The header and background design, I created using and photobucket.

For my Christmas/Holiday header, I used a photo I took with my HP camera in Yellowstone. I edited the photo of the trees and mountain using and photobucket.

I hope you enjoy the design. :D


  1. Lovely indeed! How long did it take you? Would you mind giving me a lesson? I am duly impressed! It looks better than many professional designs but...where is the closet ;)?

  2. Thank you very much! :D This one was an adjustment off my original. I always knew I wasn't a huge fan of my other, but it was the first I really did on my own and I learned a lot about the blog html/CSS code. The first draft took me 2 weeks. The change over to this took me 2 days (what with working and my kids on the side). But, I've learned A LOT since I started. I redesigned my group blog For The L♥ve of Reading where I learned a ton. I'll send you an email with the sites I've learned stuff at. :D


  3. Got the e-mail thanks! When I have time I will go there and hopefully learn some nice tricks!

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  5. LOVE the new design Jen, it's really beautiful! As always I am so impressed with everything about your desigining! You are so good at it! I would love to learn some of your tricks.....Wow, I am still stunned. You did such a fabulous job! I will be back often, not only to read all your posts but to stalk your amazing design skills!

  6. Hi! :) I'm a new follower so I wanted to drop by and leave a comment, I really love your blog design! :)

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you :)


  7. hey jen! its lindsay. love the blog! i'm reading VA right now because the freak with the sunglasses and brown curly hair in the picture up there ^^^^^ told me to. but its pretty good. then again i'm only like 20 pages into it so i'll see what it turns out to be like. by the way.... what is up with that picture? does she know shes on your blog....?? hahahaha. classic. love ya. call me.

  8. @Linds - LMAO! You are so going to love that series. For real, you are going to be slobbering all over the book with hopes of licking Dimitri in all his Russian glory. And, yeah, Cookie knows she is on my blog. She posed for those pics and I told her where I was putting them. LOL, that's my favorite one of her that I took. :D She is meditating on one leg. HEHEHEH! You know me, I have way too much fun for my own good.

  9. Duuude. YOU make my life freaking bare-able! No I'm not even joking- I don't know WHAT I would do without you!!! I heart your face soooo much! Huge hugs!!!

  10. Hi, Jen!

    I'm a new follower of your BEAUTIFUL blog! You know, orange is not my favorite color, and normally I don't gravitate toward it. But you've made such lovely use of it on this blog that I have to tell you how gorgeous it looks!! I love to follow book blogs that really appeal to me visually, and yours certainly does! Congrats on your blog design!! : )

    Maria @


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