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My Book Boyfriend (1) - Anyan Barghest

In going along with this week's theme of Jane True, today I'm finally getting to do "My Book Boyfriend" hosted by The Unread Reader! My pick is Anyan Barghest, the sexy man/hell hound that graces the pages of the Jane True series in all his furry glory. Not only is he strong, he's rugged and caring. He knows when to hold you in his arms and let you cry and he knows when you need it a little bit rough. *grrrr* I think Mathew Fox would fit him very nicely [as long as he grew his hair out a bit and we added some curls - BECAUSE Anyan definitely has CURLS!].
In front of me stood the biggest dog I'd ever seen. It didn't look like a wolf; it looked more like some sort of black-furred saber-toothed hell hound. My stunned gaze traveled up from its enormous clawed paws, over its powerful shoulders, and to its oversized jaws--which were filled with the largest fangs I'd ever seen outside of a prehistoric-mammal exhibit.

In his human form, Anyan was like someone I'd known in a dream. It was a strange sensation, but it wasn't uncomfortable. I examined his face, so close to mine. His hair was the same color as his fur had been, and equally wild and long. It poofed out in loose, wiry curls that fell just past his high cheekbones. His features were very strong--a long, prominent nose that was quite crooked, a wide mouth with full lips, and an angular jaw. His eyes were large and expressive, but that description fit every bit of him. If he'd been a big dog, he was a huge man. He must be well over six feet tall, and his hands met easily around my neck. He could have crushed my head like a grape.

I moved aside so he could squeeze past. As he did so, I finally broke down and ogled.

He was just as big as I remembered, maybe even larger with clothes. My eyes swept up
his big black boots, up his worn jeans, and over a thick leather motorcycle jacket. There was a saddlebag thing over one broad shoulder, and he held a helmet in his hand. I smiled at the sight;I'd always wondered how he got around. He couldn't run everywhere, could he?

When my eyes finally met his again, he was still frowning. I also noticed that his longish
hair was suffering a bad case of helmet head.

...He stood there, staring at me. Then he walked around to where I was sitting. His large hand gripped mine, and he held it gently, probing at it with magic.
I shivered at the touch of his power and pulled my hand from his.

"Anyan, it's fine--" I began to protest, but he silenced me with a thumb over my lips. The barghest cradled my jaw with his hand, forcing me to meet his gray eyes with my black. I could
smell cardamom and leather and man. And maybe the faintest whiff of clean doggy.

"Shush, you. You're still hurting. Let me see it."

I was still hurting, damn him. So I pushed my curled fist back into his palm. He gently spread my fingers open with both hands, stroking his thumbs over my palm. I didn't know which was hotter: Anyan's own skin or the healing magics he sent through me. I felt like a child, dwarfed by his imposing frame as he loomed over me, his attention turned inward as he fixed whatever was still wrong with me...

...another warm surge of power went into my hand and I felt--and heard--something pop. The ache was gone finally, and I suddenly really wanted to stretch my fingers.

"You were very brave," Anyan told me, his rough voice dark.

I blushed, stretching my hand out underneath his calloused palm.

"Never do something like that again," he concluded as he ran his calloused thumb one
last time over my palm before he turned back to the stove to stir the lentils.
Suddenly too warm, I took my cardigan off as I watched him fiddle with the fire until he got the lentils to simmer just so.

...He gave one mighty sniffle, lifted his T-shirt to scrub his face (revealing his thick, deliciously furry torso), and then sat back on his heels, staring up at me.

"You scared the shit out of me, Jane. I haven't been that scared since...since forever," he finished, his voice still strained.

"I'm sorry," I said. "But I had to do something."

"Just never like that ever again. Not the running. I nearly had a f***ing heart attack when I realized you were gone.

...without thinking, I raised my hand to soothe away his anger before pausing.

Do I get to touch him now? I thought. Is it as easy as all that?

As if realizing what made me pause, Anyan reached forward, took my hand, and laid it against his cheek, inclining his head so that his long nose nuzzled the inside of my wrist.
What do you think? Anyan's pretty freaking hot, eh?!


  1. Cool :) Never heard of the series but you've got me interested!
    Plus I've been in love with dear Michael Fox since episode 1 of Lost :D

    I <3 Book Boyfriends!

  2. @Andra - Michael Fox is delicious! I actually never watched Lost, but that didn't stop my from oggling Fox on all the commercials for Lost. LOL! He just seems so rough...I like rough! :D

  3. Wow! What a man. He seems like the strong silent type, and so protective. I just want to curl up with him, maybe even get him to wag his tale for me
    ? LOL

    Jen! I'm so happy to see you participating this week. Thank you. And your blog design is gorgeous! I need to stop by more. :)

  4. Oh I love those quotes! Definitely makes we want to read this book. He sounds delicious :)

  5. I haven't read this but he sounds very drool-worthy. Is it weird that I love a guy with a hairy chest? Not TOO hairy - I don't want it to look like they're still wearing a sweater when they're naked - but dayum a little fur is hot. ;-)

  6. @Missie - He's not necessarily the silent type, but he doesn't talk unnecessarily, either. And, I wouldn't mind some tail wagging action! *good puppy* {I've been wanting to particpate forever, but I could never get my post up in time. I hope to be able to do it more, I do love these kind of posts!)

    @Nic - He is incredibly delicious!! I seriously want nothing more than to lick him from head to toe! *licks lips*

    @Belle - So NOT weird! LOL, sweater chest...yuck. Furry chest as pictured above *drools*. Chest ONLY back hair. :D I love me some man. Makes you want to grab him and throw him against a wall, eh?!

  7. And now I want to read this series. See? All you had to do was show me Michael Fox ;)

  8. Oh my gosh that last picture of Mr. Fox shocked me....he is kinda hairy....;D

    LOVE LOVE your blog!!...

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh look at that hairy, sexy beast in the last picture. I love Anyan. That's really all there is to say. Now I just need to read this books so I can spend more time with him:)

  10. @Melissa - Now that I know your weakness...I'll make sure to exploit it. :D

    @Tina - It's true, he is pretty hairy...although, I'd totally pet that! Looks soft and inviting, eh?! (And, thanks, :D It's nice to know when people like my blog. Makes me think my work on it is worth it!)

    @Jenny - I know right! *licks lips* He needs to be spanked! FYI - Anyan isn't in the first book a ton, his character development is intense and no relationship is jumped into which makes it immensely appreciated. He is in book 2 quite a bit though and deliciously so. In book 3 he is amazin' and in book 4...well, let's just say there be bones beneath those clothes. Enjoy!

  11. A great choice, I hope you will find him as pleasant in your harem as in the book! BTW THANKS and A BIG HUG for commenting on my old Bartimaeus trilogy part two review - I never believed I would live and see the day when I met another Stroud's fan! mwhah!

  12. @Anachronist - *pets Anyan...newest member of harem* He is quite amazing!

    BTW - Stroud should be more widely known. I loved those books. LOVED THEM! They were just so different than all the others. Plus, Bartimaeous will never get old. Thank heaven for footnotes!

  13. Dio Mio! Those quotes are amazinggg! What a HUNK :)

  14. Nicole turned me towards your blog. That bottom photo...if they could just lower the camera just a wee bit...

    This is one of my favorite series.

  15. @Diana TLG - I agree..he is a TOTAL hunk! I nice piece of man *giant grin*.

    @Vickie B - I know right!! It makes you want to try and angle your head just right so maybe, on some off chance, you can see below the photo. It's nice to find others who love Jane True as much as me! I heart Nicole Peeler! :D

  16. God damn that man/hell hound, so delicious and lickable! And he rides a motorcycle which is sooo much my cup of tea *grrrr*.

    Nicole Peeler does a fine job of creating one hell of a hunk. He´s really McDreamy and McSteamy in one man, mm mmm mmmm.

  17. @Beta - It's SO true!!! (more exclamation points are needed!!!) I wonder what it is about motorcycles that just do it? I think it's part of The Bad Boy Syndrome I have...and many others.:D Oh well, gotta go with it. It just feels right! LOL!

  18. Oh, yummy, yummy, YUMMY!! *dies from the yummy*

    I don't even LIKE hairy chests, but - Y.U.M.M.Y. - I am very much into Matthew Fox's hairy chest, even though there's *totally* been some manscaping going on there, hehe.

    I love him in LOST ... he and the cowboy con man are my eye candy whenever the story-line makes no sense (a.k.a. ALWAYS :P), so he can be my Anyan ANYDAY.

  19. LMAO...Manscaping! Best. Word. Ever. Better to be manscaped than to be out of control sweater chest o_0. {LOL!} I don't mind me some hairy chest, but it really depends on the man...and the hair. :D Matthew Fox is definitely scrumptious and he can be my anything-or-anybody-he-wants-to-be. :D

  20. My fellow bookies have been trying for months to get me to read this series and you did it with one post!

  21. @KittNLuv - That's because Anyan is FREAKISHLY detectible! People should always start off with the sexy male protagonist. Sexy naked pictures NEVER hinder, either. :D

    Really though, I'm glad you liked it. I love these books. They are seriously feel good books...and maybe a little dirty fun too!

  22. This is me swooning since you chose Matthew Fox to illustrate your crush ;) *swoon*


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