Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Excuses & a Winner

Okay, everyone, sorry for the lack of posting, but I've been working my bum off for my vacation in September. YEAH!! That's right, I get a vaca! I'm going to go visit my sister in Columbus, OH. I know it's just Ohio, but I'm really excited. It will just be me and the girlies so no Hubby to tell me what to do *wink wink*.

Anyway, I've been putting in more hours to accomodate the extra money necessary for vacation, so I may be a sucky poster for the next couple of weeks, but I'm still here and I'm still reading every comment. I do try to visit other blogs too, but I've been slacking and reading a lot more...I don't really have an excuse for that one. Reading...I've got to do it....otherwise, I may pass out. :D

Also, I have a Jane True winner:


Congratulations! :D Thank you to everyone who participated!

Also, I'm going to be doing a travel post in honor of my trip in September. I'm going to need some help...it's my first time traveling with 2 little kiddos and no Hubby. o_o I'm a little worried about the havoc they will wreak!

Thanks again!


  1. Congratulations to the winner and have plenty of fun in Ohio! Everybody needs a holiday!

  2. How fun!! Have a great vacation...;)

    And so glad your joining us for the read-along!!

  3. SHUT UP!!!! You're coming to Columbus? I live in Columbus!!!!!!!!!! We should meet up if you have some free time, though I don't want to intrude on your vacation with your sister:)

  4. But... but... we miss you! *sobs*

    Who needs vacation anyway? (Says the girl who just got back from vaca.) LOL

    Okay, fine. Go be with your sister. :P

    I don't know anything about traveling with kids, but my vet once suggested I give my dog children's benadryl so he could go to sleep when I asked how I could get him to calm down in the car. Maybe that will work for you too!

    Okay, am I really suggesting you drug your kids? Gah! Thank goodness I don't have kids... yet. Please ignore me. I forgot my coffee this morning and now my brain isn't functioning.

    Congrats to your winner.

  5. Congrats to Lingeorge! Ah... you lucky person you!!!

    Oh and have lots of fun on vacay! Hopefully you are flying that way the trip is quick. For car travel, I'd say snacks, and toys to occupy them is key. Seems that way to my cousins. I have dogs, so what do I know. Wait... I use the same techniques! LOL

    Have fun on vacay!!

  6. @anachronist - Thank you, my dear! I'm excited!

    @Jenny - I'm totally coming to Columbus and I MOST definitely want to get together. I'll email you!

    @Missie - *hands a tissue* It will be okay, I won't be gone long. And my computer is coming with me. :D

    Also, *leans in and whispers* I've already tried Benedryl and it didn't work. o_o My pediatrician totally said I could, but it can also have the adverse affect and make them hyper. My daughter wasn't even phased. *le sigh* I swear, my 4 year old is an insane little monkey. :D

    @Melissa - Thanks! I'm trying to think of what kind of activities I can get them. 4 and 2 years old...books don't do it quite yet. Water colors might, but it's an airplane and I think I may kill myself instead of try those. Gah! Maybe coloring books and stickers!

  7. @Tina - Thanks! I'm excited for the read a long. I actually was going to buy the paperback from Amazon today, but it's $2 more than the ebook, so because I'm uber cheap, I'm getting the ebook. :D I'm really REALLY excited. I've been stuck on this really boring book and I need something to get me through.

  8. JEALOUS! If you seen JENNY, tell her Melissa says hi and the cookies she sent were like heaven in sugary-treat form ;)

  9. Adverse affects?! Yikes! Then we best not try that.

    How about feeding them turkey...like an early Thanksgiving meal? That always knocks me out. In fact, I'm sleepy right now just thinking about it. *head desk*

  10. @Melissa - I will definitely tell her! I'm really excited! :D

    @Missie - Hyperactive children are not very fun. o_o LOL! Turkey! That is the BEST idea ever! *giggles* I was seriously cracking up and then thought about what turkey does to me and cracked up some more!


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