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My Book Boyfriend (2) - Death

In keeping with the fact that I LOVE to do these kind of posts, I'm joining "My Book Boyfriend" hosted by Missie @ The Unread Reader for a second week in a row! *jumps up and down* Sorry, I get awfully excited by hot men.

Today, I bring to you my Book Boyfriend..... Death!

That's right, I said Death. :D *giggles and licks lips* Okay, so I have a penchant for bad boys and who is better at being a bad boy than Death? No one! Because the man kills people for a living...well, takes their souls anyhow...which may be worse :D.

Without further adieu, I present Death from the Alex Craft novels by Kalayna Price. I chose Greg Vaughan for my representation...he's HAWT! [the first pic represents his long hair, but the face and eyes, I just feel Death...his -oh-my-gosh-throw-me-up-against-a-wall look is just staring at me....BEGGING me!]

Death was certainly consistent in my world. The black T-shirt that showed off the muscles on his chest, the chin-length hair, the dark eyes he watched me with that seemed to smile even when he didn't, all were exactly the same as the first time I'd seen him eighteen years ago. He came and went at apparent random, sometimes to talk, other times to tease. He kept his secrets tight, and he never interfered.

Until now.

Death leaned against the far wall, his muscular arms crossed over his wide chest. He smiled, all devilish innocence as his dark hair fell forward around his chin.

Death wrapped both hands over the mug, his fingers covering mine. The heat of the coffee pressed into my palm, contrasting with the chill crawling over my skin from his fingers. He lifted the mug, with my hand still attached, to his lips. With those sparkling eyes locked on mine, he blew at the steaming liquid. His breath smelled of dew and freshly turned soil, and it mixed with the heady aroma of the coffee. "You can share mine."

Death stood directly behind me, much closer than I'd expected. He filled my space, his wide shoulders blocking out everything else...

..."It will take a couple of minutes to brew," I said, because I had to say something

"Mmm-hmm." He smiled and took a step closer. I didn't mean to back up, but the counter was suddenly pressing against my ass, so clearly I had. Death's hands moved to my hips. I tried to draw a breath, but couldn't seem to catch it.

"That attack yesterday..." he whispered, crowding my space. "Who did you irritate recently?"

"Irritate? I--no one. Well, a fae in the floodplain when I revealed some dismembered feet, but--" Death slid close enough that his thighs brushed the front of mine, and I lost track of what I was saying. I mentally groped for an intelligent strain of thought. "Was that a soul you collected from that beast?"

"That's what I do." His breath tickled over my skin as he spoke.

"How did a magic construct gain a soul?" I asked, trying to focus on something other than how near his lips were to mine.

So....what you guys think of my Bad Boy?! Also, I think that last pic is too cropped. *moves up head and tilts down eyes* I keep trying to look inside like I can get a glimpse of what's below the cut off line. *wink*


  1. Oh man, do I need to read these books!!!! I have them on my wishlist, but oh man....

    This Death could catch me anytime! ;)

  2. Okay, now I can honestly say I've never wished harder for Death to come and take me away than right now looking at this post. Seriously if Death looks like Greg Vaughan, he can knock on my door anytime. LOL

    Killer choice, Jen. ;)

  3. Um... sounds hot to me!

  4. @Melissa - I know EXACTLY what you mean. I would be running right into is hard muscle-y body and knocking him to the floor...or counter...or an amazingly well positioned bed. *grins*

    @Missie - IKR! Death you say? No, I'm not afraid, let me go put on my sexy slip though! *grrrr*

    @allstarme - I totally agree!!

  5. Yowza! Never thought I'd agree with such an odd phrase, but Death is a hottie!

  6. @lisa - Yes, yes he is. *melts into puddle*

  7. Wow- death never looked so good...;D

  8. OOH - he be delicious!! However, I still prefer Anyan ... especially since there is FAR MORE of Matthew Fox's torso to be seen ... *grin*

  9. Wow! Death is HOT! (There's a sentence I'd never thought I'd say). This guy is incredible, I want him. I shall have him! Beautiful pick.

  10. Hubba hubba! I think I may have drooled a bit.... I agree, Death can come get me anytime, anywhere! ESPECIALLY if he's shirtless ;)

  11. Holy Crap! I'm in LURVE with Death... I really need to read those now...

  12. Who knew Death could be so pretty?! Very unique choice :)

  13. @Tina - I know! Who knew I WANTED Death?

    @Bella - I feel he is definitely lickable! :D I searched EVERYWHERE for a of his bod. Couldn't find ANYTHING! Although, apparently there is a photographer by the name of Greg Vaughan [don't know if it's the same guy] and he takes A LOT of photos of mostly naked men. ;) My search was...informative.

    @Jess - LOL! It kind of sounds like Death is the new Bradley Cooper...mmmmm....Bradley Cooper... Death is delicious! I cannot wait for more of him in the next book!

    @Diana - *hands a towel* No worries, it happens...a lot! I think that anyone with abs of steel should be forced to walk around makes for a better view. :D

    @Andra - Hehehe! We all sound a little goth with our love of Death. :D I love him too! He deserves to be licked and possibly even bitten!

    @Belle - *raises hand* I did! Okay, that's because I've read the books, but he is scrumptious. ;D

  14. Wow, I've always pictured death as scary. This death is SCRUMPTIOUS!!! *paging death!*

  15. Ummmmmm I think I'm kind of hardcore crushing on Death. WOW. Love those excerpts and those pictures are super distracting in the best possible way. I might have to come back and visit this post again:)

  16. Whoa, who knew Death could look so good! :)

  17. Well, just finished reading that, and all I can say is... Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes.

    As much as I like Falin, Death is the reason I'm reading these books, more or less, at the moment.

    I had just been telling my friend about these books (about Death, really) and she must have been Googling because she suddenly linked me here. You have good taste, my bibliophilic friend!

    1. Right?! I absolutely love Death! And thank you! I'm very excited for the next book. I hope we find out a lot more about Death and what his whole part is going to be in these books. I don't like how much I'm getting of Falin. I just want Death, so I'm okay with Falin's pain, LOL! :D Happy reading!!


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