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My Book Boyfriend {4}: Dorian the Oak King

Thanks for joining me again for another "My Book Boyfriend" hosted by the lovely Missie over at The Unread Reader. If you haven't checked out her blog, you's FABULOUS! Also, if you run over there today and check out her MBB meme, you can see all the other hotties linked up. So,as soon as you're done reading this post, RUN don't walk over to see what's up!

This week I chose to feature Dorian The Oak King from the Dark Swan Series by Richelle Mead. Now, while I can't really stand the female lead in the book, I love Dorian. He's one of The Shining Ones aka Fae {they do NOT like to be called Fairies people!o_o} Dorian is one sexy beast of a man who happens to like a little bondage....don't judge him...he's unique! It's fun bondage anyway and I'd participate any day! I chose Michael Fassbender to portray Dorian because...well...he has the red hair and he has this other worldly feel to him. PLUS, Dorian is an erotically, tantalizing, conniving, crafty man. He needed someone who could be sweet and evil all at the same time. YUMMY!

On the throne sat a man, Dorian, I presumed. He looked bored. He leaned into the arm of his chair, one elbow propped on it so he could rest his chin in his hand. It sort of made him view us at an angel. Long auburn hair, reminiscent of the trees outside, hung around him, highlighted with every shade of red and gold conceivable. He could have been autumn incarnate. He had the most perfect skin I'd ever seen in such a vivid redhead: smooth and ivory, with no freckles or rosy color. He had well-shaped cheekbones and delicate features.

To my shock, Dorian spun me around. Still gripping me, he pressed his forehead to mind so that only an inch was between us. I could smell the tequila on his breath, no doubt mirroring my own.

"Eugenie, you're a woman without equal, and no matter how much you annoy the hell out of me and no matter how much I try to get you out of my head--and believe me, both occur regularly--I can't stay away from you. Even if you were barren, I'd take you as my consort in an instant and spend the rest of my life with you--childless, so long as it meant you'd be by my side. I would gladly bring you to my bed with no other thoughts than taking joy from you body. It would be enough."

He backed off the bed, standing up so that he could push his pants down the rest of the way. His shirt came off next, and then he stood there naked before me for my inspection, the perfect, marble god he'd been once before. Looking over the leanness of his muscles, how strong and hard he was.

Okay, so this part was incredibly hard to cast and I don't know if I got it quite right, but he's still REALLY fun to look at..*licks lips*. Who's your Book Boyfriend this week?
{also, I may be posting this early, but Waterfall Wednesday is tomorrow so it was easier this way!}

P.S.(Jacinda - I found it.) *giggles*


  1. I love that second pic with the foil ;). If I could learn recreational fencing I would sign up immediately.

  2. @anachronist - I LOVED that one, too! And, I'm in total agreement, I'd love to learn fencing. I'm curious if I could find someone to teach me. Seriously, that would be so awesome and it's something I've wanted to learn for awhile. I'm afraid of guns, so a foil will do!

  3. *gulps*

    JEN! You're killing me here. I love Michael Fassbender! He was so, so hot in 300! And Damn, I'd be into bondage too if Dorian was my Dom...

    EEEEke. Did I really just type that. *blushes* Sorry, I blame that middle quote. So sexy!

  4. @Missie - *hyperventilates a little* I KNOW! Missie, I can't help myself. I found him and thought, I MUST HAVE YOU! Also, I'd totally be into bondage too, so don't worry about it. Have you read this series? I dig it because Dorian LOVES the tying up of his...lady. He uses these silk ties and creates designs in coordinating colors! Gotta love a man with that much dedication!

  5. Oh my! I think I need this book! Those last 2 pics as well.. YUM! Oh such a great pick!! I want to inspect him. ;)

  6. I haven't read this series...but I have to say when I initially opened up you post I thought, "That's the dude from Fish Tank!!!" Have you seen that movie? I really liked his backside in that movie...or his upper-backside, lower back area, haha. I have no clue what else he's in...I need to Google, lol.

  7. I haven't read this series, but I would do so many bad things to Michael Fassbender. yumm!

  8. Thanks for adding the BACKSIDE! Now I need to watch that Fish Tank movie.

    Okay, I was passed out when you comment came through about the thumbnail picture. Sorry. Do you still want me to delete you?

    And no, I haven't read the series yet, but how could you go wrong with a color coordinating Dom?

  9. Guess what?! I checked your thumbnail and there is a totally cute pic of Mike on it. Yes, him and I are on a first name bases now. *le sigh*

  10. @Melissa - Yeah, Dorian is a so sexy it hurts...LOL! Be warned, those books contain a painful love triangle. *shudders* I want to kill off the other guy myself. o_o

    @Jacinda - LOL, at first when I pulled him up I was like what the heck is Fish Tank, is he an underwater diver? Then I was like...uhhhh Jen, you're an idiot. :D He was the guy from the newest released Jane Eyre! (I heart GOOGLE)

    @Belle - I know right! *licks lips* He's delicious.

    @Missie - It's no problem really, anything I can do to further sexy men I will. *giggles* It's true. That's definitely some fun foreplay.

    *runs to Missie's blog to check thumbnail* YAY! He is there. We should all get together sometime, you, Mike and me. I call him Fass because of his sexy a$$. He appreciates my nickname. Good times all around. *double sigh*


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