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My Book Boyfriend {No. 3)

Okay everyone, it's Wednesday and you know what that means....MY BOOK BOYFRIEND hosted by Missie over at The Unread Reader. If you haven't checked her out, you should...she's HOT! ;D

My book boyfriend today is:

All you who are thinking any thoughts concerning Noah Shaw, know this....he is MINE! :D Okay, so here we go. I chose Ben Barnes to portray Noah because...well...he is British, as is Noah and he's super SMEXY! He is also, possibly, a womanizer who excels at innuendo's, but I've always had The Bad Boy Complex, so it totally works for me.

"You have an anger-management problem."

I whipped around at the sound of the warm, lilting British accent behind me.

The person it belonged to sat on the picnic table under the tiki hut. His general state of disarray was almost enough to distract me from his face. The boy--if he could be called that, looking like he belonged in college, not high-school--wore Chucks with holes worn through, no laces. Slim charcoal pants and a white button down shirt covered his lean, spare frame. His tie was loose, his cuffs were undone, and his blazer lay in a heap beside him as he lazily leaned back on the palms of his hands.

His strong jaw and chin were slightly scruffy, as though he hadn't shaved in days,

and his eyes looked gray in the shade. Strands of his dark chestnut hair stuck out every which way. Bedroom hair. He could be considered pale in comparison to everyone else I'd observed in Florida thus far, which is to say he wasn't orange.

He was beautiful. And he was smiling at me.

"Do you speak anything else?" I asked.

"Well, what level of fluency are we talking about here?"


The waiter returned, and brought two empty, frosted glasses along with dark bottles of something. He poured the caramel-colored drinks for us, then left.

Noah took a sip before answering. Then said, "German, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin, and of course French."

Impressive. "Say something in German," I said, and took a sip of the drink. It was sweet with a spicy, sharp finish. I wasn't sure I liked it.

"Scheide," Noah said.

I decided to give the drink another shot. "What does that mean?" I asked, then sipped.


I almost choked, and covered my mouth with my hand. After I composed myself, I spoke. "Lovely. Is that all you know?"

"In German, Dutch, and Mandarin, yes."

I shook my head. "Why, Noah, do you know the word for vagina in every language?"

"Because I'm European, and therefore more cultured than you," he said, taking another swig and trying not to smile.

I laughed as I twisted to face him and raised my arm to hit in one move. He caught my wrist and my laugh caught in my throat. A mischievous grin curved my mouth as I raised my other hand to hit him. He reached over me and caught that wrist too, gently pinning my arms above my head as he straddled my hips. The space between us boiled my blood.

He leaned forward slightly, still touching me nowhere and smelling like need and I thought I would die. His voice was low when he spoke.

"What would you do if I kissed you right now?"

I stared at his beautiful face and his beautiful mouth and I wanted nothing more than to taste it. "I would kiss you back."

I know...lickable right? *runs fingers through Noah's hair* He is my YUMMY yummy! :D What do you think? Who's your book boyfriend this week?


  1. I see you got into this particular meme! Nice choice!

  2. NOAH!!!! NOAH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Sorry for the fangirl screaming, but I'm kind of crushing on Noah. Love Ben Barnes too, I can totally picture him as Noah. *SWOON*

  3. ooh Im so jealous that you got to read the book!! *sigh* and noah sounds great

  4. Oh no you didn't. Did you really just Ben Barnes me? GAH! *scrolls back up to view pics again* I don't know if SMEXY is enough to describe the perfection that is BB! *drowns in drool*

    And OMG, Noah sounds so funny and smart and YUMMY. Me want.

  5. @anachronist - Yes, yes I did! *winks* You know my affinity for hotness. :D

    @Jenny - Do NOT worry! I totally get the fangirl for Noah...because he's hot...and sexy...and smart...and funny! *mmmmmm*

    @Stray - It was a REALLY good book! I think you would like it, Leo, it had an excellent creep factor. It has a ton of innuendos and while that may bother some people, I LOVED it. LOL! I may have issues like that. :D

    @Missie - Oh yes I did! It's true, Smexy probably isn't enough to describe him, but I was attempting to come up with something better and decided that simple was better. Although, I feel that "MY YUMMY" fits him beautifully. :D However, I have come up with some good synonyms that would ALSO work: erotic, sensual, seductive, inviting, provoking, arousing, naughty, provocative, sensuous, suggestive, titillating, flirtatious, come-hither, kissable, beddable. I especially like that last one! :D

  6. Definitely sounds yummy! I'm in love and haven't even read the book yet. Especially loved the "Because I'm European and therefore more cultured than you." Great pick!

  7. I have this on order and cannot WAIT for it to be released. Loved the quotes.

  8. I laughed so hard when I read that Vagina quote while reading the book! I fell in LOVE with Noah :) And my first Book Boyfriend post is going up the first week in September...I'm nervous!

  9. Omigod! Ben Barnes!!!! Tehe...I can think of a few things that I could do with his hair...And I don't mean to be as gentle as to "run my fingers through it" ahahah NICEEE! Love him!!

  10. *spits out drink* ROFL! Loved the third set of quotes. Goes perfectly with that look!

    Oh YUM! I needs to read it so I can steal him from you.

    Uh... I mean meet him. Yea, that's all... *ahem* ;)

  11. @Jennifer - LOL, I thought that part was hilarious, too! I loved this book, hope you do to!

    @My Keeper - *jumps up and down* It's so good. I loved it! :D

    @Jacinda - Don't be nervous, it's SO fun! Missie is seriously the bestest host EVA! :D I think the most fun is finding the pics and the quotes...or maybe it really is just the pics. It makes me LOVE google even more than I ever have. LOL!

    @Andra - No, no, I agree, there are many a thing I'd like to do with Ben Barnes' hair. Although, in those pictures it looks SO soft...I just want to touch it. If that possibly leads to me pulling it toward my head, no harm no foul! :D

    @Melissa - o_o *hands Melissa a towel* I. Don't. Think. So. *sits on Noah's lap* He's MINE. There will be no *attempt* to steal. He won't leave me, anyway. *grins*

  12. Phwoar! As if I didn't already want to read this book enough! Now I'm dying to. Awesome choice, love a bit of Ben Barnes in my day.

  13. Ben Barnes is so gorgeous! Unfortunately though I didn't like Noah in The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Hopefully he will change my mind in book 2 especially now that I am picturing Ben Barnes :)

  14. the funniest thing to me is that boys here ARE like that when it comes to languages. The first thing they ask me when I tell them I'm learning german is "how do you curse" or "how do you say 'shit'"?

  15. You used Ben? *swoon* He takes my breath away!

    Did you see the latest Narnia? *swoon again*

  16. Okay i am loving Noah, I am so so desperate to read 'The unbecoming of mara dyer'.
    And the fact that you used the insanely attractive Ben Barnes as Noah just makes me love him more.
    Those quotes have won me over, i have to get my hands on this book!
    great post
    -Abbey from abbeys bookshelf

  17. Sounds like a good book. I read a preview of a few chapters, and this Noah character definitely fits Ben Barnes :) yummy


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