Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Feature: In Which I am Well Informed /Intro Post/

Okay, so I am one of those people who is not a fan of non-fiction. It's not that I'm entirely opposed to the thought of it, but most of the time I am bored with it. I found all this out from a book club experience I had a while back where everyone in my group kept choosing memoirs to read or self-help books. First off, memoirs....not my thing. I don't like depressing. It....depresses me. Secondly, I loathe and abhor self-help books. I think this mostly comes from the whole feeling I get: you suck, so read my book and you'll be better---promise! I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this, just that I don't mesh well with non-fiction {except astronomy books...I dig astronomy books...and possibly history books...and maybe some other kind of informative thing that I can't think of right now to add to this parentheses}.

Okay, all that being said I've wanted to do a feature forever and I was trying to come up with something that would fit my personality and humor and also entertain the masses. Because people, let's be honest here, no one wants to hear me babble on about my dramatic life and my complete inability to process life as one should. It's not that interesting to most. So, I've decided on a feature wherein I read books that are of a non-fiction nature and tell you what I've learned. It will range from cookbooks to How-to books to anything I find interesting or completely hilarious or possibly deranged.

In all honesty, I wanted to do one with my baking shenanigans, but putting too much pressure there might throw my baking into a loop and that would not be good for my sugar addiction people. Call me selfish, but no one AND I MEAN NO ONE, will mess with my sugar addiction o_o.

Details: I am going to attempt to do this weekly, but as all you book bloggers know, sometimes it can't happen weekly. Sometimes things come up that take it out of the weekly batch (such as a need to cook a slew of pumpkin pies just so my husband will think I'm doing something constructive because he doesn't believe my reading of fiction is constructive). However, if I can actually do what I want to with this, it will happen on Fridays because...well...just because. :D Anyhow, that is all. Come back tomorrow for my first: In Which I am Well Informed.


  1. Call me selfish, but no one AND I MEAN NO ONE, will mess with my sugar addiction o_o.

    Woohoo, you go scary lady, no one means no one, full stop! ;) I totally relate. Chocolate rules my life. Nobody and nothing will take it from me. Never.

    I will be here tomorrow. Great idea!

  2. I like your idea. Especially because non fiction bores and depresses me too. Except for Eat Pray Love. That was actually entertaining but it still doesn't compare to fiction. Also, if I read to escape, it makes sense that I choose something that is fiction, not someone elses life

  3. Love it! I've never been a fan of nonfiction either, like you I often find myself bored without all my paranormal and supernatural creatures:) Looking forward to your first post!

  4. Can I lick your brain now? Brilliant idea. I think you will have fun with it. I'm not big on non-fiction or memoirs either. And don't get me started on Self-Help books! GRRRRR... You won't believe how many I had to read in grad school. If I never see another self-help book in my life, it will be too soon. LOL

    My sister recently read How to Make Love Like a Porn Star by Jenna Jameson for her book club and she really liked it. She has since been trying to get me to read it, but then she told me what it was about and Gah, I just can't. Like you said, too depressing.

    Life is short, have fun! :)

  5. I have to admit, I do like a non-fiction book...sometimes. HOWEVER, it depends on how it is written. I've actually read these type books that were so interesting I could hardly put them down. Unfortunately, those are few and very hard to find. So, I say good luck and I hope those are the types you find!

  6. LOL! I love your thoughts on memoirs and self-help books. I couldn't agree more! No one ever writes a memoir about how perfect and sparkle-filled their life is. No, it's always the people with addictions, poverty, mental illness, abusive parents, neglected animals, amputated legs, and other horrible things that write about their lives. Depressing!

    I like this new feature. I don't like reading non-fiction much either (I want to but then it always seems boring compared to my sparkly princess-filled fiction books), so I'm looking forward to vicariously learning through your non-fic escapades :)

  7. I don't read non-fiction or memoirs either :( My dad only read history non-fiction...BORING! I love history, but I don't want to read endless books about it for fun...

    And I will be back tomorrow :)


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