Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waterfall Wednesday 4

1. Gabi and Lia both face several life and death situations in these chapters, having to pick up weapons in defense of those they love and experiencing first hand the brutality of close combat. If you had the choice between picking up a weapon and standing on the front lines or staying behind to tend to the wounded as necessary, which would you choose?

In all honesty, I have no idea. I don't actually know how to use any kind of weapon, but if I did I'd probably be out there, fighting. I suck at waiting behind, even if it is for a good purpose. I would want to be up there knowing what was going on. Still, I'd be scared out of my senses.

2. Both girls get to wear extraordinary gowns to their victory celebration; what would your dream medieval gown look like?

I'd probably go for a sapphire blue with pearl-like beading over the top. I like the higher collar behind the neck and I liked the tight sleeve to the elbow and bell out from there. I also like the tie in that pic over there (points to the right). So, maybe that dress in deep deep blue and a gold sash about the waist...plus the beading. I have issues okay. I usually just prefer simple, but sometimes a girls wants to feel like a princess.
*le sigh*

3. Gabi has crude stitches put in and must endure both their removal as well as the cauterization of the wound. How is your threshold for pain? Do you think you would have simply gritted your teeth as Gabi does?

No, I would not have gritted through the pain. Although, I'm not much of a screamer and my threshold for pain is high, I still don't think I could have done it as she did. I can only imagine the pain and I think I may have also eventually passed out, as she did.

4. Marcello wants to properly court Gabi after they express mutual feelings of affection, wanting to speak with her mother about his intentions. What do you think is the most romantic aspect of medieval courtship?

I would say that since they aren't out "getting it on" the men were more creative in their courting. Thinking of ways to be together and not get into trouble. Stolen kisses sometimes mean so much more than the blatant ones. That to me would be the romantic part...the thought behind it all. The point of making the time to be together.

5. Gabi and Lia find themselves with conflicting desires toward the end with Lia wanting to return home and Gabi hoping to stay. Do you think that Gabi is being unfair to Lia for wanting to stay, or is Lia being unfair to Gabi for demanding they go? A little of both?

I think I'm probably on Lia's side. I don't blame Gabi for wanting to stay, but that is a HUGE decision. To leave everything they have ever known, including their mother. I don't think that is anything I could have done permanently. I give Lia props for being the sister she was and not yelling at Gabi for making her stay as long as she did.

The Author: {Lisa T. Bergren}

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  1. Oh stolen kisses are way more exciting than the blatant ones I agree! Love the description of the dress you would love to wear.

  2. Proper courting routine had also another advantage: you actually were sure the guy in question really meant something more than just an occasional fling or a one night stand. My review of these three is coming soon - perhaps next week!

  3. I agree that the creativity in the courting stage would be fabulous. It would definitely require more thought and planning.

    As for fighting or not fighting, I'm not good at waiting either, but I don't think I could be on the front lines either. I'd probably trip and end up sticking myself with the sword instead of the enemy.

  4. The *intention* behind Medieval courting is definitely a winning point -- the whole "kinda dating" because you can-but it doesn't mean anything thing is totally overrated, haha...

    Hey, we all want to be a Princess sometimes ;o) Like the description of your dress!

  5. You've thought a but about the dress. I do like the creativity & forbiddeness of courting. It definitely ramps up my heart's pitter-patter.


  6. Ooooo love that dress Jen! I really like the high color, it's regal and elegant looking:) And you had a fabulous answer for number 4, they definitely had to be a bit more creative didn't they? Can't hop over to a movie and sit there in the dark without having to speak to one another:)

  7. Your dress description = gorgeous! Love your answer to #4 too, :)

  8. So... beading, eh?! Yup, that's a signal for some serious issues. LOL

    And yes, stolen kisses.... *le sigh*

  9. I love looking at everyones dress choices...so pretty...;)

    And your so right stolen kisses are the Epic of Romance..for that aspect only I wish we could rewind the time clock on dating ...

    **Team Stolen Kiss**

  10. Jen, ohh, I like your choice of gown. Very pretty!! Yeah, I know what you mean---sometimes my girlyside just flares up and wants to get all decked out like a princess! ;-)

  11. Love your gown choice it's gorgeous, like you I think I would passed out in pain I'm too much of a wuss.

  12. That dress is very, very pretty!

    You're right! The guys are more creative! :)

  13. What IS it about collars like that always make me think PRINCESS? Love it. And I loved your insights on this week's questions. Thank you!

  14. I totally agree with all your answers except the dress. I chose something different. I can't stand tight sleeves thought they are pretty. And I love the high collar.


  15. Love the answers...Great dress description


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