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Wednesday Waterfall 2: Chapters 7 thru 11

Waterfall Wednesdays, a read-along of Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren, is hosted by Tina at Tinasbookreviews, Joy &Serena at Edgy Inspirational Romance, Nic at Irresistible Reads, Jenny at Supernatural Snark, and me.

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Discussion Questions

1. Gabi's search for her sister is made increasingly difficult by the fight for territory between Castello Forelli and Castello Paratore. At this point, do you think the rivalry is warranted? Why or why not?

It depends on how you look at it. To me, sometimes I think, whats the point of all that death, but back then - and even now - people look at property like that and say it's mine, you have no right to it. Period. Especially if it was in the family for generations back as was Castello Forelli. I can understand the frustrations of Marcello to preserve his family heritage and legacy. I also imagine that it pisses him off to have a creep like Paratore ruling the other portion. Especially when Paratore is for Firenze and not Marcello's beloved Siena. That can't be easy. Especially due to all the heartache Marcello and his people have suffered at the hands of Firenze. So, I suppose, in the end, YES. Yes, I believe the rivalry is warranted.

Although, sometimes I found it odd that they would stop when someone was injured. It may never have gone beyond that swordplay around the Etruscan tombs if Gabi & Lia wouldn't have dropped into the mix. Maybe. I think eventually it would have. Anger like that, over time, seems to expand rather than recede.

2. Gabi aids Fortino by having his sickroom cleaned out and using steam to loosen the phlegm inside his lungs so he could breathe better. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that required you to rely on home remedies to aid yourself or another? What are some of your favorite home remedies?

Hahaha! Yes. Albanians are known for their home remedies. In fact, some of them crack me up so much it kills me to watch them. Although, one that I thought was kind of cool, although I don't know if it helped at all, was when I was stung by a wasp or yellow jacket (I have no idea what it was) and my father-in-law picked a grape off his vine, cut it in half and put it on the sting. It was supposed to help me in some way although I have no idea how.

Hubby told me about this really interesting one they do when they have the flu. Hubby calls it a muscle cold, but IDK. Anyway, they take a glass cup and create some kind of heated suction between the glass cup and the skin on the back and they drag it up and down and it's supposed to be helping somehow. I really couldn't figure out the details because this makes no sense to me. Still...interesting.

One my mother did was an aloe vera plant cut up and put on our burns. That was my favorite. She actually kept a portion of an aloe vera plant in the freezer for such occasions. :D

3. Marcello and his men don't hide their surprise when they learn that Gabi is skilled with a sword. What did you think of this development? Has your initial impression of Gabi changed? Do you have any secret skills?

I loved that development because I like it when the girls get to fight with the men and don't hid all afraid. It makes me all sorts of happy inside. I'm actually really jealous of Gabi for that. I want to have mad sword skills!

Hmmm...secret skills...I can do stained glass? Does that count? I also bake a mean pie. :D

4. "Our lips were so close, I could feel the heat of his breath on my skin." Gabi and Marcello's feelings for one another are beginning to stir. What do you think of Marcello as a romantic interest thus far? What do you think of his intended?

I. Love. Him. Seriously, I was like, Marcello, just do it! Just throw her against a wall and kiss her like there is no tomorrow. If not, feel free to throw me against a wall.

I do love the build up to the romance between Marcello and Gabi. It felt real and it was amazingly fun to read.

5. Marcello and Luca take turns teaching Gabi the dances of Toscana. Would you have liked to attend a ball like the one Gabi was practicing for? Do you like to dance? Do you know any cool dance moves?

I would LOVE to attend a ball like the one Gabi was practicing for! I love to dance! Although I don't get to do it often now. But seriously, I would have rocked that ball in all its medieval glory.

When I actually could go out and dance it up, I don't know if I actually knew any really cool dance moves, but I could shake my butt amazingly well to the thong song. LOL! I could also drop it like it's hot, LMAO! (I'm seriously laughing so hard!) I have recently learned to fist pump from my sisters though, *wink wink*.


  1. "If not, feel free to throw me against a wall"...I love it! And I completely agree. If only that nasty Lady Rossi were not in the way!

    I'm not quite sure about the cup and the suction, but I guess if it works then that's awesome.

  2. I'm with you there, Jen. I would give a LOT to be able to have made sword skills like Gabi. That would be way cool!! :-)

    By the way, I love your blog title! The other day my little sisters learned what that word, Bibliophile, meant. Now I am forever branded as the "bibliophile of the family"! lol

  3. Aloe vera is always great for burns :)

    Ooh, and you can make stained glass and an awesome pie? Very cool!

  4. Yay you're back! It was so much fun wandering around B&N with you and your girls:)

    I wish I had mad sword skills like Gabi too. I feel like a bit of a failure in that department. Can't shoot a bow and arrow either. I'd be screwed in medieval Italy:)

  5. LOL!!! Your answers have me cracking up :o)

  6. Ok I want some of your mean pie!!! I can make awesome enchiladas!!!! We can have a party!!!

    And now Im going to have that stupid Thong song in my head for the rest of the night....

    Thanks Jen....!!!!

  7. The Thong Song, eh?! I bet that is a sight to see! *giggles*

    And did someone say Pie! *mouth waters* Albanian home remedies sound pretty cool, if only I knew how to use them. Also, where do I get in line to be thrown against the wall by Marcesllo?

  8. @Lisa - I seriously wanted to hang Lady Rossi myself. I was like, Gabi, get over the whole violence thing and strangle the beyotch. She did not, however, hear me. *shrugs shoulders*

    I don't even know if it actually works, LOL! But Hubby swears it does.

    @Katie - I know! I have a sudden fervor to learn to fence. Especially after a particularly mouth watering photo of Michael Fassbender and a foil. o_o

    And, thanks! :D I'm forever explaining exactly what a bibliophile is to people here. It's such a lovely term! :D

    @YA Book Queen - Agreed. It seemed to make all sorts of things better. And, amazingly enough, I learned stained glass in high school and the pie came about from my sugar addiction. ;D

    @Jenny - Yes, I'm back! I kept telling my sister I wished I could have stayed longer. It was one trip I didn't want to leave early. Plus, Dayton would have rocked. I had a ball at B&N, too! My girls were totally off the wall, but such is their norm. :D I swear one day I'm going to fall over and not move for awhile from their antics.

    I would seriously be screwed in medieval times as well. I want to learn how to shoot an arrow just for the heck of it!

    @Rebecca - Marcello inspires me! :D

    @Tina - PARTAY!!! Let's do it! I bet we could get a book blogger fiesta going. And people think book worms are boring...we have the BEST imaginations! ;D

    *clears throat* Let me see that thooooong. Thong th-thong thong thong!


    @Missie - Oh, you'd be peeing your pants laughing if you were watching. It's quite fun though. We could start a crazy party! Tina's bringing the enchiladas and I'm bringing the pie. We can all dance to the Thong Song!

    Also, *points* That's where the line starts for the wall throwing. It may be awhile though, I've not finished my turn yet! o_o

  9. I don't know the Thong Song, but it sounds entertaining! I too can cook up a pretty good pie. My favorites are blackberry and apple. I think I feel a craving coming on!

  10. hahaa oh you crack me up! I love your responses. Yes, 100% in support of your answer to #4, and if you and Gabi are for some reason unavailable, I would be happy to fill in :)

    You make stained glass?! That is so cool!

  11. Crazy home remedies... :)

    I'm more of a fan of Luca, but at the same time, I think I would still love Marcello to throw me against a wall :)

    the thong song!!!!!!!!

  12. Mmm, enchiladas and pie. Can I come? Why do pie crusts always scare me?? Hubs much prefers pie to cake and I make him a banana cream pie every October for his birthday, but I always cave and use Marie Callender's frozen crusts. Wuss that I am! Can you come over and help me? Am I sounding a little bit neeeeeeddy? Sorry. Will stop. Thanks for taking part in WW and for making me laugh with the Marcello/wall comment. :-)

  13. Hello dear!! I'm here stalkin- VISITING from Missie's blog!!! :) nice to meet you darling!


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