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Author Interview and Giveaway: Sherry Gammon and UNLOVABLE

Today I'm so excited to welcome Sherry Gammon author of UNLOVABLE to In the Closet With a Bibliophile, today. Her book UNLOVABLE was such a fun, thrilling read and I still can't get her characters and their relationships out of my head [see my review HERE]. And, the cover (as shown above) is probably one of my very favorite. There is just something about the girl in the swing that is terribly beautiful. But now I'm going to stop rambling and get to the interview.

Hi Sherry:

There are a lot of emotional hardships for the characters in UNLOVABLE, what was the most difficult scene for you to write?
Well, there are two actually. The scene near the end with Maggie and her mom in the hospital, and then next chapter in Maggie’s trailer. I don’t want to elaborate because it will give too much away!! But they are emotion packed, and tough!
Seth, the brave and very hot male lead from UNLOVABLE, not only loves to cook, but he's actually really good at it. If I were to show up at his house (invited of course *wink wink*) for a meal and he knows I don't eat pork, peppers or pasta, what would he make for me (P.S. dessert is my favorite food!)?
Cookie dough?? I don’t know really, I am a terrible cook!! I had to do a lot of research so I knew what to have Seth cook. My idea of the perfect man is one who LOVES to cook, thus we have Seth! Whatever it is, it will be amazing!
UNLOVABLE has a host of amazing characters. Which one is your favorite and why?
Hmm, that is tough for me. I love all of them, mostly because I know all their histories, which will be revealed over the next two books. If I were FORCED to decided, then it would be a tie between Maggie and Booker. Maggie, because of all she went though and how she never gave up. Booker for the same reasons really, he has a pretty rough history also.
In the beginning of UNLOVABLE, I had a difficult time with Maggie because of her treatment of Seth. What would Seth's reply be to me if I asked him why he was so persistent in wanting to capture her heart (sans MET as an excuse)? What did he see in her that I didn't?
Maggie is actually based on two girls I grew up with. One of them trusted NO ONE, thanks to a very emotionally abusive mother! Maggie learned to NEVER trust anyone. She learned self-preservation and feared anyone getting to know the real her, because in her mind, she truly was Unlovable. She'd just broken up with Zack, who only wanted to use her, and now Mr. Hottie wants to take her out. She is SURE he only wants to use her too. Seth knew a little of Maggie’s history. He learned about her from the other kids and teachers. He respected and admired her for her hard work at school and her willingness to help others, notwithstanding what was going on in her home. He knew she had a horrible mother, and despite that, she was a good person and well-liked by her peers. He was attracted to her right off the bat, and at the very least, he wanted to get to know her. Remember, Booker is his best friend, and Booker himself has been through some tough times. I think Seth finds them both amazing people, even after all they have been though, they didn’t let it destroy their lives. They didn't become victims.

Seth drives a beautiful red Lexus IS F and dreams of owning a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster. If you could choose any car, no worries about the cost, what would you choose and why?

The roadster! LOVE that car!! It is the car in Johnny English, the movie!! It is sleek, fast and awesome.
I'm one of those girls who sees guns as a necessity, but I'm still scared of them. Maggie is similar in her feelings about guns, but still tries to learn to use one properly. Are you like me and Maggie, or are you a gun lover who can shoot a moving target from a mile away?
I can can shoot pretty good actually, but I don't enjoy guns, they intimidate me with their tremendous power, but I do believe in the right to bear arms.
Seth has been all over the world because of his fathers work. If you could go anywhere in the world, again money is no object, where would you go and what would you do when you got there?
It is a toss-up between Hawaii and Paris. In Hawaii...well, I'd go to the beach! And the PCC- Polynesian Cultural center. In Paris, ALL the touristy attractions...except for the museums...sorry, I'm not a big fan of museums. I would like to go to a couple, but not ALL of them.
What was the last book you loved so much you read it in one sitting?
Breaking Dawn. My eyes were burning by the time I was done! I tried to go to bed (at four in the morning) but I just tossed and turned. I gave up trying to sleep and got up to finish it. I was not the least bit tired until I finished, then I was completely exhausted! The same thing happened with Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo! What a GREAT book! It is my favorite. I would LOVE to see the Broadway play! Maybe someday!!
Sherry, thanks again for hanging out with us today! If Seth has the cookie dough ready, I'll help him bake it! I love cookies and pies, and I love making them. It's always nice to have a partner in crime...especially if said partner his as hot as Seth! Also, Booker is my favorite and that's without his back story. I'm especially excited for UNBELIEVABLE for exactly that reason!

I also read BREAKING DAWN in one sitting and I think I was up all night also. LOL! I can thank my mom for that one. I'd been out of the country during its release and when I got home, my mom lent me her copy and I think I slept for a whole day after (due to the 9 hour time difference and my need to finish the book).


Today I have 2 copies of UNLOVABLE e-Books for giveaway. All those who would like to enter please fill out the rafflecopter below. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!!



  1. Hi, thanks for the interview.

    I think you have tackled a tough subject and from the interview I get that you have tackled it well. I am glad to know that and happy to see that Maggie seems to be a fully thought out character. I can't wait to read this!

    Ammy Belle

  2. I have been known to eat cookie dough for a meal now and then. Don't judge me! It's delicious:) I'm a terrible cook, the hubs has actually taken on that job because he actually wants to eat and I'm hopeless at making anything edible. Win:)

  3. I eat raw cookie dough, brownie mix... Cake mix... Hmm, I think I have an affinity toward unbaked goods!

  4. LOL, I love how Sherry struggled with the cooking question. That is so cute! I'm a beginner at cooking so yeah, I understand the anxiety. I've actually had a bag of microwave popcorn for dinner now and then too because I couldn't decide what to make. *blushes*

  5. What a great interview. I so agree... a man that loves to cook? Oh how wonderful... especially since I hate to cook, but don't mind eating! LOL

  6. I just love to cook. Deconstructing recipes is a great past time. Hubby gets all the benefits.

  7. A great, funny interview, thanks ! I entered the giveaway as well!

  8. A hero who can cook? Just tell me he has a sense of humor and I'll be in love!

    Thanks for grabbing our HFJ buttons! Lucky you got the Death Escort--lots of people wanted that one!

  9. My hubby has guns and I generally know how to shoot one, but they scare me to death! lol. I think I've discussed this with you before...can't remember! Great interview Jen! Sorry I haven't been visiting your blog! I'm trying to make up for it now! Expect many comments in a row!

  10. What rafflecopter?? Sorry if it's in an obvious place. :P

  11. @ Anon - The "rafflecopter" is the form at the bottom of the post that says "Post Blog Comment". It also says "I did this" in green. If you click that button you can enter at least once. If you follow you get more entries...and so on. Any other questions, or if you have issues with the rafflecopter, email me at jtheunknown@gmail.com


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