Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge

I usually never participate in reading challenges because I really suck at keeping up. It's almost like they deter me. Like, for instance, the one reading challenge I signed up for last year was on GR and it was to read 200 books in 2011. As of today I've read like 120 which is UNDER what I read in 2010. I stressed myself out. So, it's with great trepidation I plunge myself into another challenge. :D

I read a lot of the free downloads from Amazon because I think they're fun and I'm unabashadly excited that I got a free book. I'm a nerd....what can I say. Anyway, this year, I'm going to participate in Missie at The Unread Reader and Kelly and Reading the Paranormal's Why Buy The Cow? Reading Challenge. I read them anyway, so I'm just going to try and read more! Anyway, I'm going to go for the COUPON CLIPPER level because it's the lowest and I should be able to read at least 12 free and legal download books in 2012!

Are you interested?? Go check out Missie's into post HERE.


  1. Jen! You are udderly amazing! I get all giddy whenever I grab a free book too. Now I just have to stop hording them and actually read them.

    And you know what. I actually thing all the RC I signed up for last year (unconsciously) deterred me too.

    But new year, new goals. We can do this!! Thanks for joining us! :)

  2. Oops!!! I hit the 'post comment' button too fast!

    Isn't this the cutest thing ever?? I'm sooo excited!

  3. I so want to do this, but that means reading my own books and not just review books! The horror! LOL I love the button and the name. Missie is just so creative!

  4. I'm excited to see what you find!


  5. Im a challenge crack addict!! But Im doing major rehab for 2012 and only joining two...;D This one and an audio one, so hopefully I will get them finished...YAY me!!

  6. I usually never participate in reading challenges because I really suck at keeping up. It's almost like they deter me.

    I can say the same about myself. Give me a challenge and I will make sure I will never meet the deadline or the required amount of anything. Sad but true. This one sounds amazing but I am still not sure and teh button is great! Maybe...

  7. I'll help cheer you along to keep you motivated.
    Thanks for joining us!

  8. Challenges are the same for me - it seems like as soon as a book becomes "required reading," it loses all its appeal. I just have to tell myself that challenges are for fun. I don't stress about finishing them (as you can tell from all the unfinished ones listed on my sidebar!).

    Oh, and I don't read ebooks, but I think that challenge button might be the cutest one I've ever seen. Love it!


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