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Giveaway and Character Interview with Blake from Demons at Deadnight

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Welcome, welcome! I'm so glad you all could join us today for my interview of Blake from Demons at Deadnight. For all of you who've read the book, you know Blake...tall, rock solid, sexy as hell...well, he may be an extravagant flirt, but it's no biggie because so am I and I just don't think Blake's met his match! :D On to the interview!! 
playful hazel eyes, cinnamon curls, easy going grin

Me: To start this interview out right, I need to know 2 very important things, Blake: 1-favorite books and 2-favorite cupcake? (this could make or break our relationship Blake)
Blake: You get me alone and all you want to do is ask—Wait. Relationship? Yes! *Fist pumps air*
*Shadows sneak up behind Blake*

Blake: Don’t worry babe, I won’t lose you. My favorite books are Bond. James Bond. Did you know they were books first? I thought Logan was pulling my leg. But there they are, all Bond’s lady techniques written down for me to study. Which brings me to my next point, you could put my lips to much better use than talking.
Ayden: Yeah, like duck-taping them shut.
Blake: *Whirls.* Hey! This is a private party. Right, babe?
Matthias: You crashed my interview, thought I’d return the favor.
Me: He does have a point, Blake. *pats Blake on the back*
Ayden: And I thought I’d make sure you don’t give us a bad rep.
Blake: Me? What about Matthias?!
Ayden: Matthias only makes people think we’re murders. You make people think we’re hormonal maniacs.
Me: *Questioning look at Ayden* How is that worse? *confused*
Blake: *Looks pleadingly at Jen* You can kick them out. Don’t let them ruin our date, babe!
Me: Don't worry, Ayden *bats eyes at boys* I like bad boys.  Blake, they'll behave, I'm sure of it. *pats Blakes hand* Besides, I like a crowd. *winks at boys*
Matthias: *Pulls up chair next to Blake* Hmm, doesn’t look like she wants us gone.
Ayden: And why would she? I’m smokin’ hot.
Me: *stares at intently at Ayden with mouth hanging open*
Matthias: *Scowls at Ayden* You’ve really let that go to your head.
Blake: Jen is clearly Team Blake, which is why I’m not threatened by you being here. Babe, my favorite cupcakes…*Winks*…are yours.
Strawberries N' Cream Mini Cupcakes (My own design :D)
Matthias: *Punches Blake’s arm.*
Me: *owl eyes* What? What just happened? 
Ayden: *Smacks Blake upside head.* I can’t believe you just said that!
Blake: What? No! *Shoves both boys back* She bakes! Cupcakes. Real cupcakes!
Matthias and Ayden: What?
Blake: Jayden made her chocolate peanut butter cupcakes last week.
Me: *smiles crazily* He did?
Matthias: Oh. *Grumbles unintelligibly and stares at floor.*
Ayden: That was her recipe? They were delicious. Well…umm. *Shifts uncomfortably and looks anywhere, but at Jen* We thought you meant—never mind.
Me: *Winks at Ayden* No worries, hun. 
Blake: They were awesome, by the way, chick-a-dee. But I think you should come over to my place tonight and bake some just so I can compare against Jayden’s. We can watch a movie after. I like to cuddle.
Me: I'm down! I really want to try to make a banana cream cupcake with filling and whip cream topper. And, I love movies...and cuddling! Although, is it going to be a group cuddle? *looks at the boys and smiles winningly* Because, we'll definitely need all the mouths to eat that many cupcakes. I love a good group cuddle. *shakes head* Sorry, back to the interview! So, I happen to know on good authority that you like chick flicks. I myself love chick flicks, but I have a soft spot for musicals and oldies. If you were to star in your own flick, would you be a Fred Astaire, a Cary Grant, a Clark Gable or Howard Keel?
Blake: Awesome choices, babe. I like the way Howard Keel showed how a big guy can be masculine, light on this feet and a real charmer. But that Cary Grant. He’s a smooth ladies man, just like me.
Ayden: *Snorts laughter* You’re as smooth as gravel. 
Fred Astaire and Cyd Cherise
Me: *grins* I was hoping you'd say Fred Astaire, he's my love, past and present.  It's the dancing, let's be honest. But I do love me some Howard Keen! *smiles at Blake*
Blake: Then why are Jen’s beautiful eyes trained on me and not you?
Me: *blinks* Ummm.... *Looks from Blake to Ayden to Matthias* FOOD! I happen to know you have some very earthy knowledge due to your "gifts". I want to know what spices and herbs you love and what you enjoy making with them?
Blake: I have many gifts I’d like to share with you, like—
Matthias: He’s not allowed to cook anymore.
Blake: The fire wasn’t that big. Besides, Mrs. Ishida said she wanted to remodel the kitchen anyways.
Ayden: Not the entire house too.
Me: *giant eyes - mouth forms a soundless "O"*
Blake: *Shoots an irritated squint at Ayden* Tamarind seeds are my fave. I whip up some paste with them along with a few Habanero peppers for Jayden and he makes the most awesome BBQ sauce ever. He lets me cook the ribs.
Ayden: He lets you stand by the Bar-B-Q while he cooks the ribs.
Me: I love BBQ!
Blake: I’m pretty sure this is my interview.
Me: Now Blake, don't worry about them, *winks at Matthias* they're just being...brotherly. 
Next question! Toward the end of the book you and the boys end up in a fairly hefty predicament and you end up keeping something very large from crumbling down. While I'm impressed with your muscular abilities, that's not why it's my favorite scene. It's my favorite scene of you because we get to see a side of you that seems a bit more real. For all the ladies sakes, including my own, could you let us in on another very real -and serious- thing about you?
Blake: I’m seriously in love with you.
Me: Awwww. I think we need a group hug.
"...arms that screamed 'I work out religiously'!"
Ayden: Blake!
Blake: I’m really in love with her?
Matthias: *Stabs Blake with warning glare*
Me: Matthias, it's really okay. *grins*
Blake: *Sighs. Squirms.* My parents left me because of the Mandatum.
Ayden: *Flinches. Squeezes Blake’s shoulder.*
Blake: It hurts. But I have my uncle and…I understand. It’s not that they don’t love me or…you know…it’s just….
Me: *wipes away tear*
Matthias: Next question.
Me: *give warning glare to Matthias* That's my line!
Blake: But the society did get me a new family! *Yanks Ayden and Matthias into hug*
Matthias: Ugh! Get off!
Me: Hey *jumps up* what about me? I want a hug!
Ayden: Let go! Ow! Matthias, that was me!
Me: Fine. *hugs self* Next Question. Your personality never ceases to make me giggle and sigh. You may indeed be an endless flirt, but then again, so am I. I want you to use your very best pickup line on me and let's see if it works. 
Blake: Finally we get to the good part.
Ayden: *Smirks and crosses arms* Oh, I can’t wait to hear this.
Blake: *Leans forward and brushes Jen’s hair off her shoulder*
Me: *goosebumps race down neck*
Matthias: *Sits up frowning* What are you doing?
Blake: *Smiles. Glides fingers down Jen’s neck to hook into the collar of Jen’s shirt and checks tag.* Just checking if she was made in heaven.
Me: *slumps down* *giggles*
Ayden: *Snorts* Seriously?
Me: *laughs harder*
Blake: Yeah. I mean, she’s almost perfect. The only thing that’s wrong are her lips. They aren’t on mine.
Me: *dies laughing* Touché!
Matthias: *Gags* Jen, please change the subject.
Me: But its hilarious! I kinda love him for it. *grins*
Ayden: *Drops to knees* I will beg if you want me to.
Blake: Jeeze you guys are dramatic. The truth is, my best pick-up line is, “Tell me about yourself.” Women fascinate me. And there’s nothing sexier than really getting to know them. 
Me: *gazes at Blake* You know, Hun. *scoots a little closer to Blake* Those three sentences? Perfect.
 *Ayden and Matthias look at each other, confused*
Matthias: Did he just say something…honest and…
Ayden: Intelligent and meaningful?
Matthias: Yeah.
Ayden: What was in Jen’s cupcakes?

Me: *blinks a couple times* Ummmm....   Next question! I'm not much of a flower person. That isn't to say I don't love flowers, but I'd rather plant them and watch them grow than have them purchased for me. This mostly stands because I'd rather have several books instead of the $40 bouquet of flowers. If you were going to plant a flower, particularly for me, what type of flower would it be and why? (Just so you know, I'm not a carnation fan and roses don't really impress me, I like different and sometimes I prefer exotic simplicity which could very well be an oxymoron)
Passiflora Alata
Blake: The only thing that could come close to your beauty is the passiflora.
Ayden: Nice geek speak.
Blake: I’m going to ignore you because you have no game. *Reaches behind Jen and draws back to offer her a passiflora.* It’s unique and passionate, and bears the fruit of love. Just like you.
Me: *eyes pop*
Ayden: You’re reduced to magic tricks and I’m the one with no game?
Passiflora Parritae
Blake: The only thing magical here is the way Jen makes me feel.
Me: Awwwww....I heart you Blake! *smiles and takes flower* Sometimes life is a bit much and I can't stand all the commotion and things going on around me, so I have a spot I like to go and chill out until I can deal. My closet. It's big, and full of books. Do you have a spot you like to go and find your own inner peace? Where?
Blake: When things go crazy, I go to Logan’s house.  Mrs. Hough usually has music playing and teaches me new dance moves. Mr. Hough and Logan let me help tear apart and rebuild cars in their garage. Logan has me do all the dirty work. But’s that’s alright, I like it dirty.
Me: *snorts*
Ayden: I think she meant like a quiet place.
Matthias: It’s emotionally quiet. And grounding.
Ayden and Blake: *Raise eyebrows at Matthias.*
Matthias: *Shifts uncomfortably* Would be my guess.
Me: *gazes at Matthias* That's why I bake.  *smiles and shakes head* 
 Okay! This or that?! Say the first thing that comes to your head. Hugs or Kisses?
Blake: Kisses!
Ayden: You really had to ask?
Me: *grins*
Blake: I know you were thinking it too, babe. It’s okay, you don’t have to resist me.
Matthias: *Yanks Blake back.*
Me: *air kisses* Milk or Lemonade?
"pro-wrestler physique and strong, square features"
Blake: Making out under the lemon tree.
Me: *frowns* Not an option! 
Matthias: You disgust me.
Me: Brown or Blonde?
Blake: Brunettes. No contest. *Winks at Jen.*
Me: *winks back* Handcuffs or Rope?
Blake: Rope. Wait. On me or you?
Ayden: Give it a rest.
Blake: Is that what you told Aurora when you whipped out the handcuffs?
Me: *bedroom eyes at Ayden
Ayden: Who am I to ruin your fun? Next question!
Jen: *waggles eyebrows* Jeans or Skirt?
Blake: Mini skirt! No. Tight jeans! You’ll just have to try them both on so I can decide.
Me: I don't do mini skirts, but I love me some jeans! However....Book or Movie?
Blake: Movies! You know, let’s go see a Rom-Com right now. I’d never pass up the chance to go into a dark room with you, babe.
Me: *sigh* *pets book cover*
Matthias: *Stands up.* Okay, let’s go.
Ayden: Yep, you’ve officially crossed the line into creeper territory.
Me: *Stands up* Wait!
Blake: Why are you always trying to ruin my relationships?
Ayden: What relationships?
Blake: Jen and I have been going steady for at least ten minutes now.
Me: *snorts*
Ayden: And we’ve gone from creepy to delusional.
Matthias: *Drags Blake away.*
Me: Wait! You didn't give me a goodbye hug! *sniffles*
Blake: *Shakes off Matthias* Babe! Tell them about our deep connection!
Matthias: *Opens door*Ayden, it’s that time.
Blake: Don’t let our love be doomed like Romeo and Cleopatra!
Me: *dies laughing*
Ayden: *Runs and tackles Blake through door*
Matthias: So sorry he wasted your time. Have a lovely day, Jen. *Shuts door* Ayden, you can’t set him on fire. Blake, just get in the car
Me: *stares at door* Ummm.... *puzzled look* Bye? I'll miss you? Thanks for the hugs all around? *sigh
I must say that I'm still rather depressed about the lack of hugs for myself, but then again, they all did the interview shirtless, so I was okay. I hope you guys all enjoyed meeting the Hex Boys! I loved interviewing them and can't wait for my cuddle with Blake! (Melissa, he's older in my head! Missie, you can't deny they want me! Jenny, I'll Twitter smite you any day, booya!! Felicia, sorry that I suck at sharing men, even if there are 6. Tina...have you finished yet? Ladies, on a positive note, they are indeed willing to move all of our stuff shirtless!)

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The battle to save her family, herself, and stop demonic domination may cost Aurora everything worth living for, and force her to reveal her own dark secrets. But no worries. She needs the Hex Boys to pull this off, and, chances are, teaming up with these guys will get her killed anyway.
 Anyone who says this mother-daughter team doesn’t mesh has only seen them trying to put out the fire from the stupid wires behind the television that should’ve been more clearly labeled.

Alyssa, the A in A&E, has gone from mucking out horse stalls and taping her eyes open during college lectures, to writing novels. When she’s not writing, reading, or running down the halls flapping her coat while singing the Batman theme song, she’s either dancing or immersed in anime.

Eileen has much more class. Even a degree. Fancy. Mother of three lovably peculiar children—all of which like to point out how short she is. Even though she really isn’t—they’re just freaking giants. Happily married, she enjoys escaping like a bat out of hell horseback riding at a leisurely speed around the mountains surrounding their home.

Demons at Deadnight is their debut novel, and currently they’re eating bon bons and watching TV diligently working on the next epic Divinicus Nex adventure


  1. I love all of these character interviews with the Hex boys so far. And I couldn't help but giggle at the cupcakes comment. Fun interview, Jen!

    1. Thanks! I love those boys....and they love me. LOL! ;) They really are fun.

  2. Love the hop so far!

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  3. You'll Twitter smite me? Someone hold me back!!!!! *pounces on Jen* Vile wench, I'll show you smite! Also, I'm beginning to feel a little neglected here. I see the boys with Missie, and then Melissa, and now they're here and where's the Jenny love I ask you? Blake's all flirty and telling you he loves you and would pick brunettes over blondes (woot!), where's all my shameless flirting dammit?! Loved the interview though:)

    1. It's not our fault that they love us. *puts Jenny into a choke hold*

      I can shameless flirt with you. *waggles eyebrows* LOL!

  4. Jen, I hate to break this to you, but Blake has a new love interest every week. Luckily for me, I'm the love of his LIFE.

    Super fun interview., guys I'm so glad that a few interview crashers showed up, especially the really hot one. I snorted out loud too many times to count. But, Blake also make me want to huggle his face! Who could ever leave him? I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd forgive his flirting with other girls, and happily cuddle and watch Rom-Com with him. :)

    1. I'm the love of his....his....his...FOREVER! So there! I did huggle his face, later...when we cuddled during *that* movie. It was lovely. o_o

      But for real, I agree with you. I think that he flirts with everyone as a kind of cover. If he showed me the other side I could handle the one he shows to everyone else. He's too cute!

  5. Loved the interview and have to say, I love the sound of this book. Thanks so much for the chance.


    1. It's really good, I hope you read it. It's so fun to laugh and read. It's well developed and just fun all around.

  6. LOL- that interview almost felt voyeuristic....!! Im reading this right now, its fun so far. Im not sure about this Blake yet or which Hex boy floats my boat...BUT whats up with you stealing Channing- you know the rules only I can use his pictures!!! :D

    1. *dies laughing* I seriously had to free dictionary the word "voyeuristic" and now I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.

      Channing is mine. He told me so during our last movie together...Oh wait...that could possibly not have been me. Anyhow, he IS so hot. *drools*

    2. Um excuse me but he just learned that his wife lost her memory and he came crying to um *cough* sorry Jen but you lose......


  7. That was quite the interview! From cupcakes to passion flowers to handcuffs and ropes! You certainly covered a wide range of topics in that one! But no love for Clark Gable!? That is ok he will be on my blog for tomorrow. Thanks for the fun read and giveaway. Oh and banana cupcakes...YUM!

    1. I do love Clark Gable, but I tend to gravitate to the singers. Musicals are my jam. Ever since I was a little girl. Can' wait to see what he does tomorrow on yours! "Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn!" Love you Clark!

  8. Haha, what a fun interview! I'm definitely interested in reading this book, so thanks for the chance to win! :D

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  9. OMG! IM SO SIIIIIIIICK and I laughed so hard I started choking for LITERALLY FIVE FULL MINUTES! This was made of EPIC! Loved every second... Even when you guys obviously tried to kill me! :D

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  14. You guys bust me up! You're funnier than the interview!

    1. I'm with Eileen. I don't know what's more amusing...the boys, or YOU GIRLS!!! Thanks for the hysterical interview (and comments). It definitely lightened up my day! :)

  15. Following your hysterical comments has made this the best day eva! These character interviews are the most fun! You ladies rock!

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    Looking forward to reading this.



  17. Hey, awesome interview it toltally made me laugh, and really hungry, now I need to go buy some cupcakes since baking isn't one of my skills lol.

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