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Kevin Hearne Author of HOUNDED - Guest Post/Q&A and Winners

To wrap up our awesome read-a-long of HOUNDED we are amazingly excited to have a fabulous Q&A with author Kevin Hearne! We hope you enjoy them and get a little taste for what you can find in The Iron Druid Chronicles!


Will you be writing more Atticus stories (what I'm hoping for is a lot)? They're so much fun - so hopefully you aren't planning to stop after 5 or 6?
Absolutely. Though I'm currently under contract for six, I'd like to write nine, in addition to a couple of novellas and some short stories along the way.

If the Iron Druid Chronicles series could be adapted to a graphic novel (which would be awesome) or TV series/movie (which would be epic), would you consider it?
Heck yes to both! Iron Druid Chronicles (IDC) was originally conceived as a comic, so I'd love to see that happen. The project needs the right artist who can handle the tattoos. 

Is Atticus going to have a love interest?
Doesn't he already have one? :) Heh! His love story will definitely become clearer in books 4-6.

What kind of research did you do on Druids? Where did you look for it?
The problem with Druids is that they never wrote anything down. Ever. So what we have are accounts written by people who weren't Druids and probably didn't like Druids (such as Julius Caesar). Less than reliable, I'd say. Keeping that in mind, I tried to assign Atticus the powers that multiple sources said Druids had--some shapeshifting abilities, weather control, herbal talents, divination, and even teleportation. These came primarily from written accounts by Herodotus, Caesar, and the Annals of the Four Masters, as well as old legends about the Tuatha De Danann.

After book 3, will we see more of Laksha?
Provided that the series continues past book six, yes. The only way series continue is if people keep buying them, so let's hope folks continue to like it. I'm really grateful to you all for spreading the word, by the way. Thank you. 

It has to be asked, is Atticus ever going to travel to Las Vegas in future books? Are we going to see more of the sex demons?
If you're asking about the Bacchants, thralls of the god Bacchus, then yes, you will see them again in book five, TRAPPED. If you're wondering if TRAPPED contains any bow-chicka-bow-wow, well, yes, it does. There'es a whole chapter of it! Get the cold shower ready!

Is there any actor or person you picture as Atticus when you write him? If so, who?
Not really...I'm not that up-to-date on my actors. I haven't had television in my house for a year now, and I have to admit that I don't miss it. I see Atticus as a comic book hero, since that's the way I originally envisioned him.

Atticus is a tree hugger, is that a reflection of you?
Yeah, it is. I do my recycling and contribute to nature charities and all that stuff. Eat granola. Wear sandals. I do bathe more often than the average hippie, though , so you don't have to fear me.

Atticus: do you stay in touch with any of your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand kids?
I actually spend some effort trying not to interact with them at all. It would cause me no little embarrassment and they'd never believe that I was their ancestor anyway. I have a genealogist in Brussels keeping track of the family for me.

Leif: What is your favorite thing about being a vampire?
I know everyone says the long undeath and the screams of fear, but I quite rather enjoy the power and defending my territory.

Oberon: What is your biggest human peeve?
Without a doubt, their mating habits. They're ridiculously complex. Dogs know how to get things done--especially French poodles.  Especially WITH French poodles. Yeah...Sorry, but can I just hump your leg for a minute and call you Fifi? 

Oberon: What is your favorite story from bath time?
Atticus told me a great story one time about Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago, but that turned out to be a fictional character and something of a disappointment. Still, I dream of becoming a Sausage King someday. Stranger things have happened. Napoleon Dynamite, for example.

Granuaile: Your name is pretty unique. Do you know why your parents picked it and what it means?
They wanted to give me an Irish girl's name that wasn't Siobhan or Katie. I think it was a s simple as that.

Mrs. MacDonagh: What is the best advice you could give a lass looking to find her own perfect Irishman?
Less is more, me dears, until the bedroom door is closed, and then more is more, if ye take my meanin'. Be the sort of woman in public whose honor is never in question, but the sort of woman in private he'll be havin' daydreams about. And a drop or two of whiskey never hurt, either.

What did everyone think of the read-a-long? I hope everyone had as much fun as we did! If you have any thing that you thought we could have done differently, please let us know in the comment section? We're going to be doing more in the future and I always love input. 

Thanks!!! *HUGS*

Okay everyone, don't forget that TRICKED is released APRIL 24TH! If you're as excited as me, you can PRE-ORDER TRICKED HERE

 Winners of the Read-a-Long

Dianne at Sweet Tea and Book Reviews (Tote bag)
Lynn at Lynn's Book Blog (Book)
Christy at Love of Books (Beer Glass) 

(all winners have been notified and confirmed)

Thanks everyone who participated. We hope to see you around for our future events!


  1. Yay!! Guess what Jen- I just finished this....LOL Im too late for the read-along but I now understand all the Atticus and Oberon love...:D

    1. Gotta love that hunk. Imagine the sexy bum time in a show starring Atticus! ;)

  2. Loved that Jen! Kevin, great interview but Oberon may of out shone everyone again, LOL! Congratulations to the winners! I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for future read-alongs. Can't do the Masquerade one got too much on at the mo but I'll definitely do more in the future. I really should et my arse in gear and pre-order Tricked.

    Kate x

    1. I suck at pre-order, lol! But then again, I have plans to buy Tricked and get it signed. :) Hope to see you on the next one.

  3. Hard to research a group who didn't write anything down. Darned sneaky Druids. But I love how he's kept the flavor of what I consider to be the essence of Druids (connection to nature, interacting with gods and goddesses--even though they were probably just really stoned during those "interactions).

    Gah! Can't wait for #4!

  4. Thank's for hosting such a fab Read-A-Long it's been great fun, and I'm all caught up for Tricked now.

  5. Hey! Where is my winning name??? Did you forget? I must have not have given Oberon enough sausages.... ;)

    Loved the interview especially the character interview. I just want to tell Oberon... my leg is off limits... :D

  6. Thanks so much for hosting. :D It would be epic if IDC was translated to live action TV ((HBO?) or movie. :D Enjoyed the read-along too. :D

  7. What a brilliant way to round it all off! Some great questions, I definitely think KH will write more than 6 - his books are doing so well I can't imagine them stopping at 9 to be honest - they're so light to read and have a comic book quality to them. This is one series that I could pick up on a regular basis.
    Very intriguing the answer to Atticus's love interest and great character interviews!
    Thanks for being such a great host. I look forward to some more readalongs with you and your lovely blogger friends.
    lynn :D

  8. I wish I could interview Leif! Totally rad....

  9. I'm so glad you guys hosted this one. I absolutely adored this book, and now I'm dying to read the rest!

    Great interview!


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