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MASQUERADE Read-a-Long Chapters 1-8

Welcome everyone to the first week of the Masquerade Read-Along.  For those who are seeing this read-along for the first time, read the announcement post.

This Weeks Discussion Questions

Week 1/ Chapters 1-8

1. If you were disfigured like Heven (by some sort of accident) do you think you would have reacted the same way as her? (loss of self-confidence, hiding yourself, etc)
I wish I could say I'd be all about the self-confidence, but most likely....I wouldn't. In America in today, people notice everything. Even being overweight makes me lose some of my self-confidence. Weird thing is, when I had my first baby, I ended up with so many stretch marks I totally thought I was ugly. Doesn't matter what common sense would say, I FELT UGLY. Took me awhile to get over it. I still have issues and it's been 5 years. I couldn't even imagine having scars all over my face. I'd probably act similar to Heven.
2. Do you think that Kimber’s plan for revenge against Cole (for kissing another girl) is a good idea?
Again, I'd like to say no because I'm all grown up and I can see the ridiculousness of it, but that kind of thing hurts. I'd be all over payback. Then again, I am kind of like satan. I'm kinda evil.
3. In the beginning chapters, Heven is very drawn to Sam but won’t admit it due to her own insecurities. Kimber begins to “date” Sam… do you think that Heven should have spoken up? Do you think Kimber should have seen Heven’s real feelings?
I don't know if Heven should have spoken up. I probably wouldn't have said anything. I'm a total cynic though, so I don't know if I can look at this with anything other than cynicism. I don't do the whole love at first site and I feel that there really is something drawing Heven to Sam, but I couldn't figure out her obsession with him. I can see why she likes him more by chapter 8, though. I don't think Kimber should have noticed more than she did. I wouldn't have.
4. Masquerade is broken in four separate POV’s: Heven, Sam, The Hate and The Hope. Do you think having multiple POV’s adds depth to the story? Why or why not?
I think it depends on the story and how well those POV's are written. It's very difficult to write multiple POV's for the shear fact that each character needs to seem like their own person without headers. I mean, you have to include the headers, but if you get confused who you're reading about because they all seem the same, then what's the point of the multiple POV's? It would be dumb. However, in Masquerade, the 3 narrators I've read so far seem good. I haven't read any of Sam's POV yet, so that may change my mind.  But, as of right now it was interesting to read the parts with The Hate and The Hope. Although, sometimes I like the added confusion of having to figure things out slower. Sometimes I think that's why I prefer 1st person over 3rd.
5. A great source of strength for Heven is her grandmother. Who do you think yours is/would be?
My sisters. I come from this huge family. I have ten siblings and my parents are recently divorced. My father is insane and my mom....well, she tries, but sometimes....(hopefully she never reads this). But my sisters, they're my rocks. I have five of them. My sister Emily (30) and my baby sister Shauni (19) they're who I call. They're the ones who help me through the crap. Not that all of them aren't amazing. They'd all be there as much as they could be. They'd listen to me whine and they'd pump me full of ice cream on a whim. I love them.

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Chapters 8-16 Discussion Questions


  1. Wow!!! Ten siblings!!! Holy Moly. Did you ever get a turn in the bathroom??? lol. What beautiful sisters you have, I can't imagine having that many siblings but I am an only child so that's probably why. I always wanted a brother though. :)
    So you are kinda evil huh??? LOL. Love it!!! I think all girls have a little evil in them.... or maybe thats just me. And you. :-)
    I can understand your cynic thoughts toward love at first sight, lots of people feel that way. sometimes i do too. he he he.
    Thank you so much for joining in the read along this week, your answers were GREAT!

    1. Yeah, it's kind of crazy around our get togethers. It's like a crazy soap opera, no joke!

  2. Hahahaha I can see you being all about payback. Especially with someone who shall remain nameless who we've discussed at length via email. I'd be all about payback with him. Seriously.

    As a random aside, I just want to say I MISS YOU like whoa. That is all:)

  3. Now I want ten sisters who can give me an ice cream every day! A lovely post!

  4. I'm so jealous that you have so many sisters, I have two brothers and to be honest most of the time they are a pain in the behind. I really wanted a sister when I was younger but we would have probably argued too when we were that age! I think Heven could really have used the support of a sister. I think being her mother's only child doesn't help, as all of her energies are focused on Heven.

    1. Oh, we fought like crazy when we were young, but it was worth it. We're all close now and really, it's that level of fighting that lets you know they will always be there afterward. I love that about family.

  5. Dang, that's a big family. I just have my brother, who I adore but who lives far away so I never get to see him! A strong family really does help with whatever you're going through, no matter how big or small.

    And revenge? She is sweet...*rubs hands together and cackles*

    1. I agree, a strong family really does help. We are all pretty close knit, so it's good. My mom is pretty awesome. Wish I could say the same for my dad.

      And me and revenge, we're old friends. ;)

  6. Yeah, so glad you are along for the journey. You did an awesome post. I can't imagine you being like Satan. Innocent little Jen. Wow! Ten freaking siblings. Did you fight over the bathroom? Sucks your parents split up. Glad you have such great sisters. Family, they are always in your corner right? So, making any good Easter cupcakes? You are the best. I hope you are liking Masquerade.

  7. You're sisters are gorgeous!!! Sisters hold a dear place in my heart because that's all I have, so I totally know what you mean.

    And... "Even being overweight makes me lose some of my self-confidence." YES!!! I feel the same, my friend. Even after losing almost 30 lbs, I feel so gross. *hugs*

    Great, now I need icecream, too!

    1. Missie!! You are beautiful.....;)

  8. I love that you are your sisters are so close. Plus you are all so pretty!!

  9. One of the few that actually said would go for the revenge. cool! :)

    I totally get what you say in your 1st answer. Peopla do notice everything these days. Or we do too in ourshelves.

  10. Wow. How cool to have so many siblings. I have just one sister and she is younger than my oldest child, so we are not that close. I gave my grandmother much deserved props today.

  11. I'm such a cynic too. There is no way my knight in shining armour would gave walked into a coffee shop & went out with my best friend to get closer to me.

    Love sisters. Miss mine. Wish she didn't live so far away.

  12. Oh my gosh, TEN SIBLINGS?? I think you must have the most amazing family ever, Jen!! :) I couldn't imagine being an only child because I don't think I could survive without my own sister -- and she's only one! Imagining how awesome it would be to have a family like yours... Can I join your family? x)

    LOL and I feel the same way about multiple POVs! Sometimes they can be epic and awesome and I love them (like Take a Bow, Legend, The Scorpio Races, etc.), but other times, I wish they would just stick to one (like Dearly, Departed). But I love the three POVs we've had so far too!

    Fantastic answers, Jen! :)

  13. You know, I'm not against revenge in general, because I'm totally not innocent. I just don't think it's a good idea when Kimber already knew she forgave Cole and wanted to be with him. If she decided to be completely done with him.... well, then kiss as many boys as she wants. lol

  14. If you're evil, I guess I am too. Cool post. This book sounds interesting, for sure.

  15. Agreed on the POV's! I can't wait for Sam's. Holy crap, that is one huge family! That's awesome. I come from a family w/ one other sibling so I can't imagine a family that big. Can't wait to see your answers next week!

  16. WoW~ when you told me you had a big family how did I miss the 10 sibling thing????!!!! I have a blended family so I have 4 step-siblings sisters whom Im not close too and they are all best friends and one biological brother...its something I wished I had, that sister are lucky...:)

  17. Hi, Jen!

    Hey, thanks for your great comment on my own read-along post! I really appreciate that you told me about CAPTCHA. You know, it had never occurred to me that this might be driving away people who would otherwise have commented! I've already turned off this feature, so hopefully I will now be getting more comments.

    So you say you're "kinda evil"? Hee, hee! I wonder what YOU would have done to Cole!! Lol.

    I don't quite agree with you regarding love at first sight. I do think it can happen. Actually, in my case, it sort of did... I met my future husband (the one I married long after divorcing the first, who was a real A-H...) over the phone, and we had some great conversations for an entire week before meeting in person. I already liked him quite a bit. But when I first laid eyes on him...SHAZAM!!!! That love bug sure bit me hard!! Lol.

    You're SO, SO lucky to have 10 siblings!! That's AWESOME!!! You can always find emotional support from at least one of them whenever you need it! And those Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers must be a real blast!!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! : )

    Maria @

  18. Dude!!! I'm TOTALLY loving this book!!!! Hardcore!

    I KNOW that if I were to ever be disfigured of be a MESS of crazy, horrible depressed Brunette. Seriously.

  19. Hi! New follower here :)

    I definitely agree about Kimber not noticing Heven having "a thing" for Sam. How was she supposed to know when Heven never said anything about it to her! Also, I agree- sisters are the best!



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