Thursday, May 31, 2012

Midsummer Dream Fair! Come one come all!!

Welcome to the fair!  You've just passed through the front gate.

There are sideshows and wonders that you've only dreamed of awaiting you. Make sure you're ready for the adventures to explode and the wonders to dance from every shop, gate and booth!

Run to JL Bryan's Blog and join in all the amazing events and giveaways!

The fairground map:
*copied directly from JL Bryan's website*

The Fairy Gate
Friday, June 1
Guest: L.K. Rigel
Giveaway: Give Me (paperback in US) + Mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Much Loved Books and Great Imaginations

The Lollipop Shop
Saturday, June 2
Giveaway: Mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Bookish Brunette
Prize Booth
Sunday, June 3
Giveaway winners announced!
Sponsored by: The Aussie Zombie

The Big Bad Wolf Petting Zoo
Monday, June 4
Guest: Kait Nolan
Giveaway: Red
Sponsored by: Between the Pages and Xpresso Reads
The Kissing Booth
Tuesday, June 5
Guest: Courtney Cole
Giveaway: Autographed copy of Every Last Kiss + mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Kindle and Me and The Unread Reader

The Witching Well
Wednesday, June 6
Guest: Sarra Cannon
Giveaway: Peachville High Demons books 1-6
Sponsored by: Reviews From My First Reads Shelf and YA-Aholic

The Psychic Tent
Thursday, June 7
Guest: Psychic Ozma
Giveaway: 20-minute psychic reading!
Sponsored by: Pages of Forbidden Love

The Elven Treehouse
Friday, June 8
Guest: C.S. Marks
Giveaway: Elfhunter
Sponsored by: My Cute Bookshelf

The Dwarf Dungeon
Saturday, June 9
Guest: D.P. Prior
Giveaway: The Nameless Dwarf Omnibus
Sponsored by: Alluring Reads

Prize Booth
Sunday, June 10
Giveaway winners announced!
Sponsored by: SupaGurl Books

The Dragon Ride
Monday, June 11
Guest: Daniel Arenson
Giveaway: Blood of Requiem
Sponsored by: The Book Faery

The Crafts Table
Tuesday, June 12
Guest: Melanie from The Silver Branch
Giveaway: Mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Unabridged Andra

The Freak Show
Wednesday, June 13
Guest: Rhiannon Frater
Giveaway: Pretty When She Dies
Sponsored by: Smash Attack Reads! and In the Closet With a Bibliophile

The Mermaid Tank
Thursday, June 14
Guest: Brenda Pandos
Giveaway: Everblue (paperback in US)
Sponsored by: Word Spelunking

The Jenny Greenteeth Water Slide
Friday, June 15
Guest: David Dalglish
Giveaway: Blood of the Underworld, The Watcher's Blade Trilogy, Book 1
Sponsored by: A Tale of Many Reviews

Blue Ribbon Creature Contest
Saturday, June 16
Giveaway: Mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Reading the Paranormal

Prize Booth
Sunday, June 17
Giveaway winners announced!
Sponsored by: Buried in Books
The Gnome Shack
Monday, June 18
Guest: Michael Crane
Giveaway: A Gnome Problem + LESSONS IV: The Dead Carnival and Other Morbid Drabbles + mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Bending the Spine

The Stage
Tuesday, June 19
Guest: Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Giveaway: Day of Sacrifice complete series (paperback in US)
Sponsored by: Melissa's Books and Things

The Jinn Game
Wednesday, June 20
Guest: Samantha Young
Giveaway: Smokeless Fire (paperback in US)
Sponsored by: Blood, Sweat, and Books and Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

The Bandstand
Thursday, June 21
Guest: Vicki Keire
Giveaway: Four novels!
Sponsored by: Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers

The Unicorn Corral
Friday, June 22
Guest: Amanda Hocking
Giveaway: Virtue + awesome mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Bewitched Bookworms

The Fairy Gate
Post by J.L. Bryan
Saturday, June 23
Giveaway: Autographed copies of books 1 - 4 in the Songs of Magic series + awesome mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Supernatural Snark and A Simple Love of Reading

Sunday, June 24
Final Giveaways Announced!
Sponsored by: KindleObsessed

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