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Married With Zombies Week 3 - Chapters 11-15

So starts Week one of the Scavenger Hunt! Enjoy! For all those who need details and want to participate, click the giant button above! (Or on my sidebar!)

Scavenger Hunt Schedule:

Week1: Chapters 1-5 (June 1st) - Jen @ In the Closet With a Bibliophile
Week2: Chapters 6-10 (June 8th) - Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette
Week3: Chapters 11-15 (June 15th) - Loretta @ Between the Pages
Week4: Chapters 16-20 (June 22nd) - Tina @ Tina's Book Reviews
Week5: Chapters 21-26 (June 29th) - Missie @ The Unread Reader

Chapters 11-15

1.) In Chapter 11 Sarah, Dave & Amanda were rushed by 4 zombies. At this time Sarah screams something. 
SHOW ME YOURS!! Don't have one? That is ok, show me what you would grab outside to protect your self!!

I left it in it's holster. I don't like guns a ton, let's be honest. They make me nervous. I'm apparently squeamish. 

*p.s. I'm totally wearing a TANGLED bandaid courtesy of my girls*

2.) At the end of Chapter 12 they are saved by someone looking very "Underworld" awesome. Let me see your best "Slay em' Gear" 
Don't want to model your outfit? That is ok, lay it out.. don't forget to add your weapons!! 

Um yeah, that is a red leather jacket. I own one. Hehe! We have a wide variety of very sharp knives because I live with 2 chefs. The one on the right even has a holster for a belt. I didn't have them in my house, but my sunglasses would be added to protect my eyes. I forgot to add them, but I'd put in a light scarf to cover my neck and mouth (backspray and all that) and my backpack. :) I did want to add that I realize the shirt needs to be darker, but I didn't remember that whole black ooze and blood thing until AFTER I took the pic and put everything away.
3.) Near the end of Chapter 13 Sarah finds something under the seat to help Dave, that she saved for whenever the need gave in.  What was it? "Strike" your best pose!
Ack! I don't own a lighter. #FAIL! But I have a TON of matches. So, light it up baby! Hubs is all outdoorsy (having lived in a tiny village during communism in a 3rd world country in Eastern Europe. Gah! No electricity sometimes). I'm sure he'll be able to accommodate my lack of a lighter. Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

4.) Nothing very "action pic" happens in Chapters 14 & 15. So this is where you can show me what car you would pic to ride around town, trying to survive. This can totally be a "Google" pic or you can go find one!! Think outside the box!

I drive a VW Jetta. I would most likely end up with that car, but I think this one would be very handy, albeit a gas guzzler. Anyhow, I like the RV capabilities of this truck and it has a back seat 4-door so good enough for my family. Plus, the grill would help with any cars we had to move as would the GIANT engine. 

Hubs would prolly go for this car. It's a Mercedes with armoring around it and a bunch of other things I found that I can't remember. I think it even has some kind of GPS programmed into it. It's like zombie proof. You can even drive over a land mine and be fine. LOL!
But, as long as I have these girls and their car seats and the car is in nice working order, that's kind of top priority. After that, I'm gonna go with the top RV/Truck model.
Although I do love my Jetta! (mine is a super dark blue and kinda sparkles) Plus, the Jetta would use less gas and it has a 5-cylinder sports engine so we do have some kick to it.

5.) How are you enjoying the book so FAR?!!!

I'm loving it. I was so sad when Amanda bit the dust, but I am loving it. I love the relationship between Dave and Sarah. I love how they learn to work things out and what is actually important and what isn't.  It's a good relationship thing, I think.


  1. Score for the Tangled band-aid! (although I'd have to kick you out of my zombie team since it would make you easier to smell ;P )

  2. I cut myself on a stupid pair of hair scissors. It's like a paper cut. I SWEAR the zombies won't smell it. ;)

  3. The hubs used zombies to get you to pack a piece? He knows his wife. That is AWESOME!!!!

  4. That red jacket is awesome!!! We should totally be together during the the Z can distract them with your sexy jacket and then I can go all army girl crazy on them....LOL.....LOL.....and then of course you can blow their heads off cause Jens got the guns!!!

  5. I want to see a picture of you in that red jacket standing outside sweating your butt off in a hundred and god knows what weather... ha ha is finally perfect in Oregon you should visit. Loved all the guns! I didn't dare get mine all out for the photos... no need to let the kids see them. You just look like you are up to no good with that lit match! I loved seeing your little girls, so cute. Your pick for vehicle is awesome! Good thinking! Great post! Huggles!

  6. Aw... the girls are sharing their first aid! They will come in handy during the apocalypse! Love the red jacket and I didn't even think of a scarf. I have no guns and so many of you do (trust me, you probably don't want me to have one anyway). I am SO going down. Save me? *bats eyelashes*

    Love the girls pics! SO CUTE!!!

  7. I like the red leather jacket- perfect tough-girl outfit :D
    Love the car ideas- and your girls are so cute!

  8. Yeah, I have a Jetta, too, and I think we'd pretty much be lost puppies if the apocalypse went down. I like the big-assed truck with all the amenities you found. Now that, that would work!

  9. You know I love the armored car but in a zombie A I am taking a small car that can maneuver around things since nothing will be straight shot!

    Oh look at the cuties! Makes me want to pinch their cheeks :)

  10. Ahhhh I love your knife holster and red leather jacket! Very awesome.

  11. I didn't want to lose Amanda either. Her grey tears tore my heart out. :(

    Your girls are so beautiful! I love their little faces. *huggles*

    I can't see the Tangled band aid very well, but you rock for wearing it. And dooooood, those knives are pretty scary, more so than the gun. If I were a zombie, I'd totally run away from you.


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