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Married With Zombies Week 4 - Chapters 16-20

So starts Week one of the Scavenger Hunt! Enjoy! For all those who need details and want to participate, click the giant button above! (Or on my sidebar!)

Scavenger Hunt Schedule:

Week1: Chapters 1-5 (June 1st) - Jen @ In the Closet With a Bibliophile
Week2: Chapters 6-10 (June 8th) - Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette
Week3: Chapters 11-15 (June 15th) - Loretta @ Between the Pages
Week4: Chapters 16-20 (June 22nd) - Tina @ Tina's Book Reviews
Week5: Chapters 21-26 (June 29th) - Missie @ The Unread Reader

Questions for Week 4: Chapters16-20

1. In chapter 16 David and Sarah are attacked by freezer zombies in chef attire. Despite its rotten food and disgusting kitchen, lets think about what it could of been before the attack, give me a picture of your dream kitchen or a pic of you cooking your favorite food in your own kitchen... or both!!!

 I don't think I could pick just one pic (from my search through the internet) because none had EXACTLY what I want. I want white granite counter tops. My aunt has them and they are GORGEOUS! They have this gold and red hue running through them. So pretty. I also love the white cupboards and how bright they make the kitchen. I HATE being in the dark.

I need one so bad. I need the space and room for cooking. I want there to be TONS of light and I want one of those things above the center island for hanging pots and spoons and stuff. There will be BAR STOOLS. I love company in the kitchen. 

I NEED A HUGE OVEN AND STOVE TOP! I want a WOLF oven like it's no ones business and I want a gas stovetop and oven. I know everyone wants convection, but I love the way my food turns out in a gas oven. *le sigh*
2. In Chapter 16, David winds up killing those freezer zombies with a blank show me your best one....and yes it must be yours!!!!
 My Meat Knife
Actual Machete

A MACHETE! Okay, I don't own one, but I do have a meat knife that looks very much like one. :) I'm counting it!
3. In Chapter 17 David and Sarah find themselves with some cult like people and wind up trapped. How would you escape? Ropes? me your best.
I think I would have tried the sheets route. Mostly because that's how they do it in the movies. LOL! My rope would have been left in the car. Then again, I never would have ventured into that hotel. ;) Above is my best job at tying sheets. I'm on the first floor so I couldn't really check it out, but I will say I'm almost positive I will fall. My knots SUCK!
4. In Chapter 19 David and Sarah find a surprise in the car they the midst of crazy its a nice welcome. Now whip me up your favorite one and can include recipes!!
I'm going to say something INSANE...I don't drink. 
So, I went to my next choice of drink....STRAWBERRY LEMONADE! :) I have this crazy love of citrus and Lemonade just really gets it. I found this recipe on My Baking Addiction. I recommend fresh strawberries and cooking/cooling them yourself. Everything has a deeper flavor that way. TRUST ME! And, this recipe has an option of Vodka (for those who do drink.) :)
via My Baking Addiction
Click to enlarge Recipe - From My Baking Addiction
Also.... LOL!

5. In chapter 20, Sarah gets to kill a zombie with a cash register, bringing back memories of her worst retail job tell me whats the worst job you've had......if you can include pictures in your uniform I will die laughing.....or a picture of the place you worked will be good too...:).
 Weirdest thing is, I've always done the same thing. My least favorite job though would have been when I did bookkeeping for a roofing company. They wanted me to be at work at 6:00 a.m. I was 19 years old. I couldn't do it. I totally fell asleep at work....REPEATEDLY. I suck. Anyway, I don't have any good uniforms or anything, so here is me how I normally look at work. LOL! 


  1. Those kitchens are to die for....the third one is my fav, that island is like its own little town!!!

    And that machete is scary....I think that machete could kick my Sudoku's butt....LOL

  2. Wowser holy meat knife. Remind me not to piss you off in the kitchen. Love the flask.

  3. I am with you--I probably couldn't do without tons of counter space and HUGE oven! I need it! Yet I manage to live without it for now---one day I tell you, one day I tell you!

    I need a "Wine Texted You" button :)

  4. Okay, this is me... Wolf oven? Leave those wolves alone! Yea, obviously I don't cook! LOL Love the look of the kitchens tho!
    I'll be over for some grub and a strawberry lemonade. You don't mind, do you? ;)

    Your knots look better than mine would have been. I think they could hold...


  5. Why does your blog look all weird? Those kitchens are fab and that knife pretty wicked. You actually took the time to knot, I was too lazy. A roofing company...that would be boring but better than a lot of jobs out there. Strawberry Lemonade sounds great will plug it into my app.

  6. I love that canister. Or whatever you call it. LoL
    I am for sure trying that lemonade. LOOKS SO GOOD!!!

  7. I agree with on the need of a center island. Why in the world don't more kitchens have them??? I can't wait to house shop someday, but a big kitchen with an island will be a MUST.

    And go you for tying your sheets! LOL I was way too lazy to try, and I'm pretty sure my knots would suck. But you know what Sarah and David SHOULD have done? Thrown the pillows down onto the awning to cushion their landing. Dave wouldn't have gotten hurt so bad, I bet.


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