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Married With Zombies Week 5 - Chapters 21-26

Today marks the last week for our MWZ Scavenger hunt! I hope you've all had a blast! ;)

Scavenger Hunt Schedule:

Week1: Chapters 1-5 (June 1st) - Jen @ In the Closet With a Bibliophile
Week2: Chapters 6-10 (June 8th) - Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette
Week3: Chapters 11-15 (June 15th) - Loretta @ Between the Pages
Week4: Chapters 16-20 (June 22nd) - Tina @ Tina's Book Reviews
Week5: Chapters 21-26 (June 29th) - Missie @ The Unread Reader

Chapters 21-26

1. In Chapter 21, David and Sarah venture into a grocery store to try to find some essentials. Show us a picture of the top three items you consider your essentials when you go shopping.

I love cereal. I grew up on that stuff. And milk is indeed my favorite beverage (along with water). This is not because I'm healthy, this is because I adore milk. Always have. I used to be able to drink 2 gallons by myself in one week. I've cut back substantially, LOL! and added in water. ;) And the bananas are because my family goes through them SOOO fast.

2. Sarah and David travel quite a distance to “visit” a family member. Show us a picture of your most recent family vacation. Who did you visit and where did you go?

Last month my husband, me and my girls went to see my sister in Utah, where she lives. She's my baby sister (baby number eleven of eleven) and we're really close. Above is my sister with my baby girl. :)

3. Sarah refers to David’s sister as the Martha Stewart type because she likes to make things from scratch. Show us a picture a hobby or home project you get enthusiastic about making/doing.
Strawberries and Cream Mini cupcakes in a Marshmallow Cream Cheese Frosting ©In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Triple layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting topped in crushed walnuts & Strawberry cake topped with buttercream frosting ©In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Strawberry pie with a double homemade butter crust ©In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Triple layer yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting
©In the Closet With a Bibliophile

I bake. LOL! It's kind of an obsession. Everything is from scratch and I've been working on this damned yellow cake recipe FOREVER! trying to make it more moist. I'm so much closer, but I'm going to prolly have to make it a couple more times. I also have a supreme weakness for pie.

4. David and Sarah decide to start up their own Zombie exterminators business, and even come up with a name and slogan for it, “S and D Zombie Extermination. We take care of your undead issues.” If you opened up your own zombie killing business, what would you call it, and what would your slogan be?

5. What were your favorite/least favorite parts of Married with Zombies? Aside from David and Sarah, who was your favorite/least favorite character?
I don't think I had a least favorite part, although I still can't understand why David HAD to go into that casino. My least favorite character? Can't think of one now, but I really did love Amanda. She was so dumb and so sweet and wasn't afraid to admit to her weaknesses. In the end, she was wonderful.

6. What do you think is coming up next for David and Sarah? Which do you think has a better chance of survival, their marriage or their humanity? Will you continue reading this series, and if so, what do you hope to see happen in the next book?

I honestly don't know. I know they need to survive for 3 books, LOL! I hope their marriage survives, it gives a girl hope. I'll continue reading, I'm interested to see what happens in book 2.


  1. Oh my GOSHHHHH, I love those baked goods...LOL your baked goods beat my baked goods under the table...:0

    MMMM- now Im hungry!

    1. LOL! Thanks! If you're ever near me, I'll bake you a cake or a pie or whatever. :) You know me and sweets. Then we'll go to a movie because movies and dessert are like PB & J. :)

  2. I love cereal too. Me, you & Sienfeld. I love your baking too. I'm glad you are 2 states away OR I'd be on your doorstep in a heartbeat. I'm totally liking Undead Liquidations on FB.

  3. I'll be over. Bringing my own bib! Have to... you already have me drooling!!!

    Your family is so pretty. Love that pic. So cute!

    LOVE your tag line. So creative.

    I also have to agree with you on David. What was up with the Casino? I wanted to smack his head! LOL

    I forgive you for last week. ;D <3

  4. OMG! You with blonde hair!!! I got so used to your dark locks so it's hard to imagine. LOL

    Jen, please, please, please open a bakery. If you did, I would live there, just to make sure that the sweets are safe at night, all tucked into my mouth.. I mean bed. :)

  5. Oh my... Those cakes have me drooling all over my keyboard! They look so yummy. And I love your zombie exterminator sign too- so cool!
    Thanks for hosting this read-a-long, I had fun!

  6. Your baking is amazing! And Life cereal is just what you need for battling the undead.


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