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Chapter 21-27 - Fairy Metal Thunder Read-a-Long

The Fairy Metal Thunder Read-Along & Scavenger Hunt is hosted by Kelly of Reading the Paranormal, Tina of Tina’s Book Reviews, Jen of In the Closet With a Bibliophile and me.
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Chapters 21-27

1.  Grizelmore the Goblin has some really weird cravings and eating habits. Tell us about some of your weird eating habits. Bonus point if you can show me a picure!

I have an obsession with popcorn and red vines. It's the sweet and salty that really gets me. If red vines are unavailable, then chocolate will do. But I literally eat them at the same time. Bite of popcorn, bite of vine. NUMMERS!

I also love chocolate ice cream with oreos, which may not be that weird, but it's addicting. Weirdest craving I ever used to have was Peanut Butter and Cheeze Whiz. Now I dig Peanut Butter with cheddar cheese gold fish. :)

2.  In chapter 22 Aiode and her friends try to go and get their instruments replaced at the factory. There are a ton of different instruments there being made for the fairies, but man are they a fortune. Do any of you play any instruments? Have you ever played an instrument? If not, what would you play if you could?

When I was in elementary school I wanted to play the flute more than anything. My mom wouldn't let me. Said she wanted me to play the piano like her. I didn't want to. Nonetheless, she signed me up for lessons and I played the piano for like 2 years. I hated practicing so that's as far as it went. If I could pick up an instrument right now, it would be the electric violin. :)(I'd pick be red one)
3.  Jason and the band are finally discovered by the elf (with the crazy long name) and Buttercake the freaking adorable unicorn who turns into something not so adorable. If you were a detective who would you choose for your magical accomplice?

Let's be honest, I'd probably choose a very sexy man who has magical powers. I wouldn't mind Death from the Alex Croft series. He's amazingly hot and downright sinful. Plus, he has this whole invisible thing going for him.  ;) Did I mention he's hot?

4.  The book ends on a happy but painful note. What do you think of the ending? Were you happy with the turn of events?

I do like that Erin and Jason get together, but I'm upset that she didn't break up with her boyfriend first and it's not cool that Jason stole the instruments. I feel bad for Aiode and her friends. :(

5. Tell us your favorite quote(s)/part(s) from the book!

I think Buttercake is my favorite. I think because she's so tricky with being adorable and then turning into a dragon.  Plus, rock candy horn! What's better than that?! I hope she does get regrown.

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July 20th: Chapters 14-20 hosted by Tina of Tina’s Book Reviews
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  1. Seriously, the foods aren't that odd... or I just had a lot of odd cousins which is probably true. Even my odd stuff doesn't compare to them. I could totally see myself eating those things.

    I could totally see you rock the electric violin. Too cool

    Hm... now I have a question... why does he have to be hot if he's invisible??? Seems a waste of hotness. Never make the hotness invisible! ;D

    1. You're odd stuff is also one of my favorite things to eat with broccoli. My family thinks I rock the "broccoli sauce" making so it's always my job. I've never tried it on asparagus, but that will be my next adventure in food!

      And he's not PERMANENTLY invisible. LOL! Only when he wants to be. Plus, I can always see him when he's around. Seriously, have you read those books. Me love!

  2. Mmm popcorn and redvines!! I like popcorn with junior mints and gumdrops. Dude!! Electric violin looks awesome! I would so want to play one of those. I like the white one, it looks like a tuxedo. I would want the blue one though. Lol at Melissa's comment about the invisible hotness!!

    1. I have 2 kids and they're always watching PBS and there was this guy who played the electric violin and I was like "I WANT TO DO THAT!"

      And the hotness isn't always invisible. LOL! Just when it's important to be invisible.

  3. Sweet & salty is great, we get those dark chocolate bars with sea salt sometimes! All your snack foods are appealing, though :) Electric violin would be a cool instrument to play! Hmm...

    1. I've never heard of those! I'm not into dark chocolate, but that's really hitting 2 cravings all in one.

      And one day I will play an electric violin. I love them.

  4. Have you ever tried popcorn with sour patch kids? It is to DIE for!

    1. No, but now I'm going to have to! That's salty, sweet and sour all together. That's gotta be amazing.

  5. MMMM- I love Red Vines!! I love eating chocolate with pretzels...:) And I didnt even know Violins could be electric...thats awesome.

    1. I've never done chocolate and pretzels. I think I'm going to have to try that one. I'm pretty much down for the salty sweet combo trying. LOL!

      My girls are always watching PBS and I watch with them sometimes as we mothers do. There was this guy playing the electric violin on an episode of Angelina Ballerina. It was awesome. (he was a real guy BTW, not a mouse. LOL)

    2. Yeah I was like wow a mouse getting down with the electric violin...hmmmmm. Chloe absolutely adores that show. :)

    3. Both my girls do, too. Admittedly, it's not so bad. Caillou, I cannot stand that kid.

  6. Hahaha! What is it about peanut butter? It goes with everything, eh! And how is that I've never heard of Red Vines before??? Is it because I live in the heat? LOL

    Yeah, I know I'm not making sense... It's because my mind is on Death. Tell me more! RAWR!

    I've always wanted to know who to play piano. I can't believe you didn't like it. Can you still play? Is it like riding a bike?

    I love eating chocolate and popcorn together. BEST. COMBO. EVER!

    1. I don't know! How have you never heard of red vines? It must be the Texas heat. It's different than the Arizona heat. LMAO! Dude, we are hilarious. *giggles maniacally*

      You need to read Alex Craft! I own all three books from Amazon. That btw is a hint. ;)

      I think I didn't like it because I wanted to play the flute. I don't like to do things when I'm forced. I love listening to others play it though. I can still play, but I was never very good. I still remember a lot of the notes, but I'm rough.

      Popcorn is all around amazing. JS.

  7. Do you guys not have toffee popcorn? Honest? A very very recent thing in the UK is well.. Cadbury's do sharing bags, and they've started doing toffee popcorn covered in Cadbury's chocolate. MM!! Little bites of crunchy heaven, I swear.

    1. We have caramel popcorn, but I love the different flavors separate and together which really makes no sense. LOL! But seriously, covered in Cadbury chocolate?? That'd be heaven indeed. *daydreams about Cadbury chocolate covered popcorn*


  8. A sexy man who has magical powers? EXCELLENT ANSWER! I love it!

    1. Right?! If I'm given the right to choose, give me sexy, smart and magic. It's like the perfect mix of amazing man.

  9. The salty/sweet combo totally works. I tried Chocolate Bacon once and was like, "hello lover!"

    The violin is my fave instrument too and the electric violin is just sexy, yo! You take the red one and I'll take the blue one ;)

    A sexy man who has magical powers? Uh, WIN!! Best. Answer. Ever.

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

  10. Um, most definitely Death. He's so cool and HOT at the same time--exactly how I like 'em.

    And I'm a french fry + mayo kind of gal so weird combos are a thumbs up for me.

  11. I love popcorn but not a fan of red vines. I ALWAYS wanted to play the flute and I actually wanted to play the piano too. I played the violin for a short time but it is way harder than it looks lol I love those electric violins! They looks awesome. A sexy man is a great accomplice ;-) Erin and Jason was great but yeah I'm not a fan of cheating either. She should have broken up with him. Everyone loves Buttercup!


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