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Tempest Rising (Jane True No.1) by Nicole Peeler - A Book Review

Title: Tempest Rising (Jane True No.1)
Author: Nicole Peeler
Pages: 344
Published: October 27, 2009
Read: October 18, 2010
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Synopsis:Living in small town Rockabill, Maine, Jane True always knew she didn't quite fit in with so-called normal society. During her nightly, clandestine swim in the freezing winter ocean, a grisly find leads Jane to startling revelations about her heritage: she is only half-human. (from


So to let you all know one of the things I have been up to I'm going to finally post some reviews. This past week I have been reading the Jane True series by Nicole Peeler. And might I say....Wow! Okay, if you've read the books that word has significance, if not it still says it all. I absolutely loved the first book in the series.

The characters are so lovable and crazy and Jane, our main lady and narrator, is such an amazing and flawed character that I loved her. At the beginning of the book she has serious issues, but in reality who doesn't? Well, okay, maybe she may be the cause of a dead boyfriend and the town treats her like a pariah, but still who can be blamed for life's mysteries?

I just loved her so much because she learns so much throughout the book. I love how she takes everything in stride and doesn't wimp out and say, no, no I don't want this. She accepts life and tries to make it through.

Okay, now all that being said, I'd like to review the characters...'s fun for me. *evil grin*

So first off there is Ryu (pronounced Roo) who is a vampire of sorts. I really did like him, but I didn't feel for him as the love interest in the book. Although, I think that is what Peeler is going for. To me, Ryu is this flashy, ritzy kinda guy and although he seems really sweet, he also seems a bit shallow at times and just not quite good enough for Jane. But, yet again, I think Peeler is making me feel that way on purpose. You know...making me like him but not love him.
He approached the counter and, up close, his face didn't break with his body's precedent. He had high cheekbones that tapered down to a narrow and shapely chin. His mouth was small but full-lipped, which gave him an extremely sensual expression, as if he were just about to pucker up to kiss his way down your belly--

Whoa, Jane, I thought, trying to get a handle on my suddenly raging hormones. My dirty drawer might be well stocked, but it seemed I missed the real thing even more than I realized.
Then we have Nell and Trill. Now, I love these ladies. Nell is a gnome and Trill is a kelpie. I think I like Trill because she is just cool and innocently sweet. I like Nell cause she is tiny and packs a a grandma on steroids. *smiles* Not crazy mind you, just powerful.
Nell, damn her, was still beaming away like the figure on a syrup bottle. "You're taking this very well, Jane," she said, and I only just managed to keep from giving her the finger. ..
(Trill)She leered--no smiled at me again--and trotted over to the little old lady's stool. Where, with no modesty whatsoever, she plopped down Indian-style, airing her bits for the world to see.

She has seaweed pubes, observed my brain, unhelpfully, as I blinked and looked around at my little cove.
There is also Iris the succubus who you would have to read about to fully understand her awesomeness.
Iris looked me in the eyes, and I took another little involuntary step forward. This woman is dangerous, my brain observed while my irrepressible libido merrily calculated the mechanics involved in catapulting myself into a lesbian affair.
Now it's time for my most favorite character, after Jane, *drum roll* Anyan. Now, you know you have a super awesome author when she can take a character who isn't even in the book that much and make you love him and help you feel where he can take the story. That is what Peeler does with Anyan the Barghest. Now, I won't tell you exactly what a Barghest is, but I will tell you that it is a paranormal creature and doggie DNA is also involved. I just find him refreshingly awesome and loved his character! Plus, I wouldn't mind biting his derriere (that scene was awesome).
I sat down on the ground, after putting my coat underneath me to protect my good black trousers. The big dog lay down in front of me and rolled over, exposing his belly to me in a move of mock subservience. And I apparently spoke doggie, because it worked. I felt my anger dissipate and I started scratching. Anyan sighed happily and shut his gray eyes.
So, as my final words I would like to say that this book was amazing and I think that Jane will be even more remarkable in book 2 (review post to come). Because with crack filled pools, a sex fiend djinn with the sweetest pantaloons ever, some excellent dresses and a succubus I'd probably make out with, you will be reeling for more Jane True!

Rating: 4/5 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket



  1. It looks like you had your creamy hands on a wonderful book. Where do you manage to get ahold of them? I have seen good words about this book around several blogs.

    I am glad you enjoyed it so. Have a pleasant weekend :)

    Mad Scientist

  2. This series sounds so cute. I like flawed but lovable main characters and all of the other characters sound great. Thank you for putting this series on my radar :)

  3. My favorite thing about the book is not the plot or the world Peeler has created. It's Jane herself, with her unique voice and sense of humor. I'm so glad the story is told in the first person, because Jane's head is an amazingly fun place to inhabit. Highly recommended.

    Cath Brookes
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