Review Policy

My Review Policy:

Thank you for your interest in having your book spotlighted on Jen's Book Closet. However, I am no longer accepting books for review from anyone except those I've reviewed for in the past.

If I've reviewed for you in the past, please contact me at the email address below. All previous review stipulations will apply.

Thank you for your interest in having your book spotlighted on Jen's Book Closet.  I am currently accepting books for review from authors, publishers, and publicists.  I am always willing to do interviews, guest posts, contests/giveaways, and blog tours. 

I love to read and do my best to finish everything in a timely matter, but I do have a large stack of books for reading at all times.  If you have an urgent request, I will do my very best to accommodate you. 

Books I am currently accepting for review:  
(my favorite genre is Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy in both YA and Adult)
  • Young Adult Fiction
    • fantasy, paranormal, contemporary fiction
    • chick-lit, romance
    • historical fiction
    • literary fiction
    • anything that addresses social issues
    • mysteries and thrillers
  • Adult Fiction
    • Paranormal Romance
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Contemporary Woman's Fiction
    • Literary Fiction
    • Historical Fiction
    • Romantic Suspense
Books I am NOT accepting for review:  
  • Non-Fiction
  • Erotica 
  • Memoirs
  • I DO NOT read series books out of order!  
  • Please do not send me your pitch and ask me to purchase your book.
**I am not currently accepting books about dream interaction/realms/etc... (having dreams, prophetic dreams, nightmares are books I AM accepting): if you have any questions or need specifics, please email me.

Review Requests:
If your book falls into one of the above categories, please email your request to me at jtheunknown{at}gmail{dot}com.  If I accept your novel for review, I will post a review on my blog, but I cannot guarantee that my review will be positive.  I give my honest thoughts and opinions on the book.

About my Review Posts:
Included in my review posts are:  book cover art, publication details (genre, page count, ISBN, etc.), my personal review with my personal rating.

Cross-Posting of Reviews:
I typically cross-post my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.  If you would like your review posted elsewhere, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

I do own a Kindle, so if you would like an e-book reviewed, send me the format the book is in and I will see if it is compatible and get back to you. 

Contact Info:
As stated above, if you would like to contact me, you may email me at jtheunknown{at}gmail{dot}com or you may leave a comment on one of my posts and I will get back with you.  However, please remember that if you do leave a comment with no way to contact you, I will reply to your comment in that post.


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